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S.S. Central America Justh & Hunter Gold Bar Description:

Recovered from the S.S. Central America in 2014, there were only seven ingots listed in the 2014 recovery inventory from the Justh and Hunter Assayers. The piece remains as poured with weight, fineness, value and Assayers stamp across the face. Some depressions from the original pour are evident. The bar is a bright yellow with some russet and maple patina present.

Justh and Hunter was formed in San Francisco in 1855. Emanuel Justh fled the revolution in Hungary in 1848-49. He arrived in California in 1850 setting up a lithography business. Eventually he served as assistant assayer at the San Francisco Mint.  

Solomon Hillen Hunter a Balitmore, MD shipping merchant made his way to California in 1855. In May of that year, he teamed up with Justh and two began assaying gold. Justh & Hunter went on to assay millions of dollars over the next few years. In 1861, the facilities and company were sold to Kellogg, Hewston & Co. 

The present bar is a poured bar with the firms marking, JUSTH & HUNTER stamped across the bars center in an arching font. Above the name is the bars serial number 4209 and below it in individual punches are the weights, finess and value. 

Stamped on the bar: No 4274/ JUSTH&HUNTER/ 142.70 ozs / 86.8 FINE / $2560.4

Read the incredible story of the SS Central America- Here!



More Information
Product Type Bar
Purity 0.868
Metal Type Gold
Grade Raw
Metal Weight 142.70 oz

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