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Only five ingots of the 45 gold bars recovered from the S.S. Central America in 2014 were assayed by Henry Hentsch. The bar offered here is one of these five. This poured bar has survived in immaculate condition has bright yellow unabraded surfaces with a splash of vibrant orange gold patina developed from over 150 years on the oceans floor. This Henry Hentsch bars are considered by some to be the rarest of the ingots recovered from the shipwreck. No known examples were known prior to the SSCA recovery in 2014. It is listed in the official Numismatic Inventory of the 2014 SSCA Recovery. 

The rectangular bar is stamped across the top with the serial number No. 3128, followed with the fineness. The center of the bar features the HY HENTSCH logo punch, with all other numerals individual punched into the bar. The final punch of value shows some punch doubling.

Stamped on the bar: No 3128 815 FINE / HY. HENTSCH / OZ 88.15 / $1485.10

Read the incredible story of the SS Central America- Here!


More Information
Product Type Bar
Purity 0.815
Metal Type Gold
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Metal Weight 88.15 oz

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