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French 20 Franc Gold Coin


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French 20 Francs Gold Coins contain .1867 oz of 90% pure gold and although smaller than most gold coins, there has been a historic demand for Francs.




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Before the Euro became the unifying currency of the European Union, the Franc, France's currency, held sway as a widely recognized medium of exchange across many nations. The iconic Gallic Rooster, featured on Francs struck from 1899 to 1914, stands as the unofficial emblem of France, symbolizing its heritage and identity. Despite their smaller size compared to other gold coins, Francs, containing .1867 oz of 90% pure gold, have historically enjoyed significant demand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each Franc contains .1867 oz of Gold.
  • Designs may vary based on availability at the time of minting.
  • Minted at the prestigious Paris Mint, renowned for its craftsmanship and quality.
  • Available in random years, reflecting the rich history and evolution of French currency.

Available in random years, reflecting the rich history and evolution of French currency. Before the era of the Euro, the Franc held a prominent position as a symbol of French economic prowess and cultural influence. The enduring appeal of Francs lies not only in their intrinsic gold value but also in the historical significance and artistic diversity represented by their various designs. As tangible relics of France's monetary heritage, Francs continue to attract collectors and investors seeking a piece of European history encapsulated in precious metal form.

Coin Series20 Franc
Face Value20 Francs
Mint Or RefineryFrench Mint
Metal TypeGold
Mordern Or HistoricalModern
Metal Weight0.1867 oz
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