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5 oz Silver International Trade Bullion (ITB) Bar


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This International Trade Bullion bar comprises 5 Troy ounces of silver with .999 fineness. Buying it can be convenient for cost-effectively strengthening an investment portfolio.




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Challenged to think of many different purposes for silver, do you struggle to think of much else other than currency? 
If so, it's worth thinking again about silver, as you could be seriously underestimating the usefulness of owning it - like in the form of this 5 oz bar from the International Trade Bullion.

Silver is, indeed, a popular material from which coins are struck - as you could easily notice for yourself upon peering into your wallet. A broad array of silver coins are mentioned among the huge number of listings on the website that we run at the U.S. Gold Bureau. 

However, you may have overlooked silver's use in solar panels, electrical conductors and contacts, particular mirrors, and window coatings. X-rays, meanwhile, use silver compounds. More obvious purposes for silver include the manufacture of jewelry, tableware and utensils.

Silver has also proven its worth in medical applications. Silver compounds, such as dilute silver nitrate solutions, have served as disinfectants and aided the effectiveness of bandages and medical instruments. So, as you can see, there are many different reasons for many different people to seek silver - and this starts touching upon why you should do what you can to stack up on silver.
Having an abundant amount of silver at your disposal can help to preserve your riches should sudden and unforeseen economic struggles arise. For instance, should there be a sharp decline in the value of the United States dollar, that could eat into those riches... unless they are silver!

Precious metals are in demand around the world. Therefore, if you have stored significant amounts of them, their value should be relatively unshaken in the event of dramatic fluctuations in the dollar's value. Silver is generally available at lower prices than gold, giving it particular appeal if you want to start gathering precious metals but heavy expenditure is not an option.

Also, account for the fact that the prices realistically chargeable for silver could even rise over the coming months and years. The strong conductivity of silver lends it well to many industrial purposes. Smartphones include silver-containing components; hence, if smartphone sales continue rising, demand for silver - and therefore, prices at which silver can be sold - could similarly rise.
In this listing, we are advertising a silver bar from the International Trade Bullion. The silver in each bar exceeds .999 in purity level and weighs 5 Troy ounces. This silver content gives the bar clear usefulness if investing or wealth preservation is your goal. 

However, numismatic collectors might also want to pay attention to the beautiful design elements on this bar. Those include, on the front, an International Trade Bullion logo circled by the words 'INTERNATIONAL TRADE BAR' and 'ACCEPTED EVERYWHERE.' 

The same symbol appears, along with the initials 'ITB', several times in a pattern on the slab's reverse. The overall design across the bar's front and back is beautifully crafted - right down to the visible specifications of the silver purity and the weight in both Troy ounces and grams.

Features of the 5 oz Silver International Trade Bar
  • Weight is 5 Troy oz or 155.5 grams
  • Can be put into a self-directed IRA (extra paperwork needed)
  • A custom design of considerable beauty
Mint Or RefineryInternational Trade Bullion
Metal TypeSilver
Mordern Or HistoricalModern
Metal Weight5 troy oz
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