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$5 Liberty Gold Coin (XF)


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Purchase the $5 Liberty Gold Coin (XF) here. A beautiful and historic gold coin.




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The Liberty Head series of gold coins encompasses a range of denominations, including the dollar, quarter eagle ($2.50), half eagle ($5), eagle ($10), and double eagle ($20). Within these denominations, multiple versions were minted, adding to the allure and investment appeal of these coins.

Despite the existence of various versions, the fundamental design of the Liberty Head coin remains consistent. The obverse features a profile of Liberty facing left, depicted in a classical Greco-Roman style and encircled by thirteen stars symbolizing the original thirteen states of the Union. On the reverse side, a heraldic eagle is depicted, clutching a shield in its talons as a symbol of protection and strength.

The enduring design of the Liberty Head series, coupled with the variety of versions minted across different denominations, enhances the collectability and investment potential of these coins. Whether sought after for their historical significance, artistic beauty, or intrinsic value, Liberty Head gold coins continue to captivate collectors and investors alike, representing a tangible link to America's numismatic heritage.

Coin Highlights:

  • 90% Gold
  • $5 USD Face Value
  • 0.2419 oz of gold

Orders placed for products that are not a specific year will be fulfilled with coins of any date, based on availability. Orders of multiple coins may be filled with the same year or a variety of years.

Coin SeriesPre-33 Gold
Face Value$5
Mint Or RefineryU.S. Mint
Metal TypeGold
Mordern Or HistoricalPre-33
Metal Weight0.2419 oz
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