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1907 $20 Saint Gaudens NM PCGS MS64

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Grab a 1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens NM PCGS MS64 while you still can. This 'no motto' Gold Double Eagle is bound to be one to add to your collection.




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Pop an American classic in your pocket with this certified collectable coin, the 1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens NM PCGS MS64. Better than most of the Gold Double Eagles available to the coin enthusiast and investor, it's been certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as having a mint state of 64. This 20 dollar coin is struck from 22 Karat gold, or 0.9000 fine gold and has a diameter of 34 mm and a weight of 0.9675oz or 33.4400 grams.
President Roosevelt felt American coins were "artistically atrocious", he wanted to produce beautiful coins for the American public and looked to the high relief coins of Ancient Greece for inspiration. Roosevelt intervened to ensure sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens was commissioned to design a new coin, the first time this had been requested of someone from outside the Mint.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens set to work on the design alongside his assistant Henry Hering, on whom he increasingly depended as his health worsened. Sadly, Saint-Gaudens passed away in August 1907 having only seen proofs of the coin; however, Hering took up the baton to produce further models for the coin. The partnership of Roosevelt, Saint-Gaudens and Hering produced what was to become one of the most-cherished coins in U.S. history.

However, Chief Engraver at the Mint, Charles E. Barber had some concerns about the practically of producing the coin as Saint-Gaudens had intended and has been held responsible for producing a more low relief version being struck. It's a decision for which he's faced some criticism, but today these coins are valued above almost all others for their subtle beauty, great artistry and luster.

The obverse design of this coin shows Liberty, striding towards the onlooker. In her left hand she holds an olive branch, symbolizing peace, while in her right hand, she raises a torch above her head, representing enlightenment. Her dress and hair flow behind her in the breeze, while her left foot rests on rock partially obscured by a spray of oak leaves. Behind Liberty, the sun rises, and the distinctive outline of the U.S. Capitol buildings can be seen towards the bottom left-hand corner of the coin. Look to the bottom right-hand corner of the coin, to find the year of issue 1907 inscribed. The word LIBERTY follows the top-most curve of the coin, though the torch intersects 2 of the letters. Look closely, and you'll see 46 stars representing the 46 states of 1907. On the reverse of the coin, a flying eagle is represented with minute attention to detail, behind which the sun rises, in addition, the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the value of "TWENTY DOLLARS" are inscribed.

But what of the motto in 'IN GOD WE TRUST'? It has been speculated that Roosevelt felt invoking God's name on a coin was blasphemous. Hence the motto was excluded from 1907 coins such as this one. Whatever the truth of the matter, Congress took exception to the omission and ensured the motto was restored later in 1908. 'Without Motto' Gold Double Eagle coins were struck by the U.S. Mint at their Philadelphia and Denver branches and our orders are usually fulfilled with coins struck in Philadelphia.
Overview of the 1907 $20 Saint-Gaudens NM PCGS MS64:
• Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle
• Year of Issue: 1907
• 'No Motto' issue
• Metal: Gold
• U.S. Mint • 20 dollar piece
• Purity: 0.9000 / 22 Karat
• Diameter: 34 mm
• Weight in oz: 0.9675oz
• Weight: 33.4400g
Coin SeriesPre-33 Gold
Face Value$20
Mint Or RefineryU.S. Mint - Philadelphia
Metal TypeGold
Mordern Or HistoricalPre-33
Grade ServicePCGS
Metal Weight0.9675 oz
CertifiedInvestment Grade
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