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1901-S $1 Morgan Silver Dollar - PCGS MS65


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Want an insight into a bygone age? Then buy this 1901-S $1 Morgan Silver Dollar -- PCGS MS65 and take a trip into the American West.




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It all began at Comstock Lode and a rich dark earth that revealed first gold and then silver -- lots of it. All in all, it was a mine that was to yield over $300 million worth of precious metal over the course of two decades. Who could have imagined that would be the case when Patrick McLaughlin and Peter O'Riley first stumbled upon the telltale signs of a precious metal deposit that fateful day in 1859. It was a find which was to have a huge impact on the state of Nevada and on the development of America itself, leading to a plethora of silver coins being struck, including the production of the Morgan Silver Dollar. A coin which was to become the most traded and collected in the world; a coin that came to symbolize the story of the American West, a story of pioneers, prairies, cowboys, outlaws and more. It was a coin that more than any other came to symbolize the vicissitudes of the prospectors, from incredible wealth to tragedy.

The Morgan silver dollar was first struck in 1878, after much lobbying by the mine owners in the West, for it had been five years since a new silver dollar had been produced. Named after the designer of the coin, George T. Morgan, the obverse side depicts a profile portrait of Liberty, modeled on Philadelphia teacher Anna Willess Williams. Anna agreed to sit for the portrait on the understanding that she remained anonymous. Unfortunately, this did not remain the case, and Anna's name was leaked to a newspaper. Upon her name becoming public, Anna was inundated with praise and accolades which she resolutely refused. Despite losing her job in the wake of the publicity, she found another teaching position and devoted the rest of her life to teaching and writing. It was an episode she was to later dismiss as "an incident of my youth." Her portrait is surrounded by 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies of the United States, in addition to the words "E. PLURIBUS UNUM" and the date of 1901.

The reverse of the design shows an eagle, with its wings spread out, based on drawings Morgan completed from nature. The eagle is represented in such detail that individual feathers can be seen on its wings. The eagle clasps three arrows and an olive branch. The arrows and olive branch symbolize America's ability to defend itself and peace, respectively. The eagle is shown hovering above a ribbon-tied laurel wreath. The words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "ONE DOLLAR" encircle the design, with the motto "In God We Trust" positioned between the eagle's wings. Coins struck at the San Francisco Mint, have an "S" placed above the letters "D" and "O" in the word "DOLLAR."

Despite a substantial mintage, San Francisco coins struck in 1901 are rarer than some previous years, with the PCGS and the NGC together having certified a mere 300 examples with a mint state of 65. So snap up this model to add to your collection.

Overview of the 1901-S $1 Morgan Silver Dollar - PCGS MS65:


• U.S. Mint / San Francisco branch

• "S" mint mark

• Issued in 1901

• Much-loved George T. Morgan design

• 90% silver & 10% copper

• 0.7734 troy oz of Silver

• Diameter: 38.1mm

• Thickness: 3.1mm

• Total weight in grams: 26.73g

• Total weight in troy ounces: .859oz

Coin SeriesMorgan
Face Value$1
Mint Or RefineryU.S. Mint - San Francisco
Metal TypeSilver
Mordern Or HistoricalModern
Grade ServicePCGS
Metal Weight0.7734 oz
CertifiedInvestment Grade
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