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1801 $10 Draped Bust Gold Eagle PCGS MS63


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1801 $10 Draped Bust Gold Eagle PCGS MS63




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Features of the 1801 $10 Draped Bust Gold Eagle PCGS MS63:

  • Minted in the year 1801
  • US - Philadelphia Mint
  • MS63 Graded by PCGS
  • PCGS Population: 40

The 1801 $10 Draped Bust Gold Eagle is an exceptional coin that holds immense historical significance and represents a pivotal era in American numismatic history. This numismatic gem, now available in the prestigious PCGS MS63 grade, is a highly coveted addition to the collections of discerning enthusiasts and savvy investors alike.

On the obverse, the captivating portrayal of Lady Liberty draped in flowing robes exudes hope and freedom. The thirteen stars encircling her head serve as a poignant tribute to the original thirteen colonies that laid the groundwork for the United States. The date "1801" etched at the bottom of the coin transports us back to the essence of the time when this remarkable piece was minted, connecting us with the past.

Flipping the coin reveals the majestic heraldic eagle on the reverse, a symbol of strength and unity. The eagle's outstretched wings and the symbolic olive branch and arrows it carries embody the values of peace and fortitude that helped shape the nation. The proud legend "United States of America" encircles the majestic eagle, underscoring the enduring ideals on which the country was founded.

Graded by the esteemed Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) as MS63, this Draped Bust Gold Eagle boasts impeccable preservation, despite its age. While some moderate imperfections may be visible, the coin's overall appearance and luster are nothing short of outstanding. The MS63 grade certifies that this numismatic treasure has maintained its original glory, rendering it an incredibly sought-after addition to any collection.

Coin SeriesPre-33 Gold
Face Value$10
Mint Or RefineryU.S. Mint - Philadelphia
Metal TypeGold
Mordern Or HistoricalPre-33
Grade ServicePCGS
Metal Weight0.617 oz
CertifiedInvestment Grade
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