10 oz Gold Perth Bar


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Features of the 10 oz Gold Perth Bar

  • Minimum gross weight of 311.05 grams
  • Standard thickness of 8.23mm
  • Can be placed into a self-directed IRA

Today, the Government of Western Australia entirely owns the Perth Mint; however, Australia's official bullion mint has a long and intriguing history of making gold. Befitting such tradition, the facility has made this 10 oz bar of .9999 fine gold and showing the mint's distinctive logo.

The Perth Mint had its first opening in 1899, when Australia was still part of the British Empire. Large deposits of gold had recently been discovered in the Kalgoorlie, Murchison and Coolgardie parts of the colony of Western Australia; this development led to the mint's creation.

Though Australia became independent just two years after the Perth Mint opened, the British continued to control the mint until 1970. Today, it is one of just two mints striking coins that Australians can use as legal tender. It also has a modern facility that opened in 2003.

Are you an investor or collector who is excited about having the option to put Australian gold into your possession? If so, you can be especially grateful that, in 1987, a State Act of Parliament prompted the creation of Gold Corporation, a company enabling the Perth Mint to produce and market Australian gold to collectors and investors across the planet.

You can also be grateful that, with the passing of time, there has been a growing number of industrial uses for gold. Gold is, due to its cost, only used in products when no other material can be used in its place. Therefore, once you have your hands on gold, you can be assured that its value will not significantly falter in the foreseeable future - even if the U.S. currency's value does.
The major merits of gold include its malleability, which is better than that of any other precious metal. This affords manufacturers appreciable flexibility when they have gold at their disposal. However, gold also remains in limited supply, making it safe for keeping in the long term.

As more and more people purchase smartphones, demand for gold could grow even further. Are you aware that, in 2015, Apple sourced gold worth roughly $40 million from damaged iPhones - and that, across every 10,000 smartphones, there is gold weighing a total of 10 Troy ounces?

Gold of that weight can also be found in just one of the gold Perth bars that can be purchased through this webpage. Adding this bar to an investor's portfolio can diversify it and, therefore, reduce the risks of continuing to rely on this portfolio for safeguarding wealth.

However, the bar could also have significant appeal to collectors - and that is largely because of its design. The Perth Mint's logo, as registered with the London Bullion Market Association, appears on the front, complete with a swan image representing Perth's Swan River. The words '99.99% PURE GOLD 10 OUNCE' also feature on this obverse, indicating the bar's gold purity and weight.
Flip over the bar to see the back and you will be faced with the display of abundant kangaroo-themed motifs. The kangaroo, a familiar icon of Australia, is well-known for having a spring in its step - as could you once you have obtained a gold Perth bar from our diverse offerings.


More Information
Product Type Bar
Purity 24 Karat
Mint/Refinery Perth Mint
Metal Type Gold
Face Value N/A
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Year N/A
Metal Weight 10 troy oz

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