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Russia: The World's Largest Gold Buyer of the Last Decade

February 12, 2013
Already the largest oil producer in the world, Russia has also become the largest buyer of gold bullion on the planet.
Buried Treasure

700 tons of gold ore lost at sea by Russian gold company

October 30, 2012

russian-ship-with-gold-lost-at-sea(October 30, 2012) - When gold companies profit, their shareholders often profit, but what happens when things go wrong or natural disasters happen? A precious metals mining company in Russia called Polymetal unfortunately got the chance to find out when it lost a vessel that had 700 tons of gold ore yet to be mined aboard it. The ship carrying the gold assets sunk off the Pacific Coast of Russia, according to a recent story in the Huffington Post. At the time, the ship was between Feklistov Island, its destination, and the coastal town of Neran where it had set sail from. The ship never made it to its final port in the Sea of Okhotsk; the last known communication with it was a distress call sent out shortly before it sank.

Saint George the Victorious Coin

Saint George the Victorious: Russia's Most Popular Gold Coin

July 2, 2012

Russian-Saint-George-the-Victorious-Gold-Bullion-CoinsWhen it comes to gold bullion coins, there are a range of choices that investors may choose from that are minted by some of the world's most respected banks. Some of the more popular gold coins that have been minted around the world include the Gold Eagle from the United States, the Gold Maple Leaf from Canada, the Gold Krugerrand from South Africa, the Gold Libertad from Mexico and many more. However, when choosing to have a gold investment collection, it is sometimes wise to think outside the box and diversify. The Russian Gold Saint George the Victorious coins may help you do just that. These coins have a lot of interesting facts surrounding them that will help you understand why they are so valued by both passionate investors and collectors.