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Experts say buying gold to counter hyperinflation is a smart idea

September 14, 2012

buying-gold-to-counter-hyperinflation Most observers of the US economy have noted that the cost of many crucial basics for daily life is on the rise. When the cash required to obtain food, gasoline and other staples starts to rise, gold and silver often sparkle ever more strongly in their appeal because these commodities tend to hold their value even while cash is losing its buying power. Currently, the US economy is supposed to be in a low inflation environment, according to a recent Gold News article, but this is being questioned by those involved in the gold market who realize that if hyperinflation did set in, most people would be unprepared to handle the financial crisis they would find themselves living in. Those who criticize sky high national debt levels, the printing of money to try to ease economic woes and rapid, unchecked deficit spending believe that hyperinflation may be right around the corner.