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India Tightens Gold Supply, Leads to Increase in Gold Smuggling

July 26, 2013
Gold smuggling into India has increased sharply, following new tariffs imposed by the country's government.

Gold bullion vs Certified Precious Metal Coins: Why You Should Have Both Up Your Sleeve

April 23, 2013

It’s a story that we’ve seen again and again (and again and again). Shrewd gold bullion and precious metal investors should remember the critical importance of diversifying their precious metal portfolios.

This is because there are significant differences between precious metal bullion and certified precious metal coins, including their markets, valuations, fluidity, and supply. As a result, both precious metal categories have different advantages and limits. During times of great flux, it’s particularly important to maximize your options and your wealth protection with a diversified precious metal portfolio.  


The most significant difference between the bullion and certified precious metal coins is the premium that coins carry over the spot price of gold. This premium can be sizeable and there’s a good reason for that. It's typically built into the price and it reflects the added value that certified precious metal coins present. 


Russia: The World's Largest Gold Buyer of the Last Decade

February 12, 2013
Already the largest oil producer in the world, Russia has also become the largest buyer of gold bullion on the planet.

Investment expert Bill Gross warns that gold helps guard against a looming credit supernova

February 8, 2013
Investing in gold other commodities is the best way for investors to protect themselves from rapidly diminishing returns, Bill Gross told CNBC.

Investment in gold bullion and gold coins trumps investment in gold mines

January 23, 2013
Last year, gold investors typically dedicated their resources into one of four categories: gold bullion, gold coins, gold mining stocks or new funds which only invest directly in the precious metal itself.