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World Mints and Manufacturers - The Perth Mint

World Mints and Manufacturers | The Perth Mint

January 31, 2024481 view(s)


  • Founded in the 1890s as a subsidiary of the UK Royal Mint and allowed Western Australia to mint its own coins, previously done outside its jurisdiction.

  • They offer a diverse range of collectible precious metals for both collectors and investors like the Gold Kangaroo and silver Australian Wildlife coins.

  • Certain Perth bars and coins qualify for inclusion in a precious metals IRA which offers unique tax benefits for investors planning for retirement.
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The Perth Mint is Australia's working mint. In fact, it's one of the oldest mints in the world that still operates on its original premises. Whether you're looking for collector's coins or a bullion investment, this facility has refined and produced the perfect precious metals item for you.

Here, we're going to talk about this old mint and the Perth Mint gold bar that collectors have long loved. Read on to learn all about this piece and the other wonderful investments you can make in Perth Mint metals.

What Is the Perth Mint?

The Perth Mint is owned by the Government of Western Australia. It is Australia's official bullion mint and produces precious metals in bulk.

Gold and silver bullion bars and coins are common output of the Perth Mint. They come in a wide variety of collectible styles. Many of these coins also have a numismatic value that makes them appealing to collectors.

The Perth Mint was originally created as a subsidiary of the UK Royal Mint. Its establishment in the 1890s let Western Australia mint its own coins for circulation, which had been done outside of its jurisdiction before. For the first time, there could be a sufficient amount of coins for circulation since there were enough to go around.
The Mint also bought a lot of gold that was mined in the Perth area and turned it into gold coins and bullion that stored inherent precious metal value.

Recent performance figures show that the Perth Mint is still a strong entity. In 2022 and 2023, the Perth Mint had an annual turnover of $23 billion. The facility refines and produces about 10% of the world's gold and silver, so this is hardly a surprise.

One great thing about the Perth Mint is that they produce and distribute a diverse range of collectible precious metals. This makes them a well-known and valuable entity for collectors and investors alike.

Why Buy Perth Mint Coins and Bars?

One reason to buy precious metal products from the Perth Mint is their collector's value. Some coins like the Gold Kangaroo Coin and silver Australian Wildlife coins are a great addition to any exclusive collection. Bars are also collectible in some situations, though they usually serve as bullion investments.

If you're a coin collector, you will enjoy shopping for these exclusive and attractive coins. Plus, most of the coins that we offer from the US Gold Bureau come in mint condition from the Perth Mint. You can retain their value by keeping them untouched in their cases and admiring them through the clear casing.

A Retirement Investment

Those saving for retirement can accrue more money by buying and holding onto bullion from the Perth Mint. These bars and coins have a lot of value because of their fine minting methods and refined precious metal content. When it comes time to retire, you can sell your bullion and get money for it from other investors.

This is lucrative because the precious metal markets are on the rise and their value steadily increases. Gold's worth grows at an average of 11.2% annually, and while one ounce of gold is worth over $2,000 in 2023, it was only worth $1,409.51 in 2013. In ten more years, it may be worth even more.

You can make the most of your precious metals retirement investment by creating a precious metals IRA. Certain Perth bars and coins are IRA-eligible, meaning that you can store them in a special facility and sell them for money upon retirement while getting tax benefits. Setting up one of these funds is easy, and you can choose from a wide range of precious metals for investment.

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Portfolio Diversification

If you're building an investment portfolio, you likely have purchased things like stocks and bonds. Stocks only have a value that's assigned by the government and business entity that's selling shares. They don't have any intrinsic value, which means that they become worthless if the company goes under.

This isn't true of tangible investments like precious metals. Precious metals will always be worth something because of the intrinsic worth of the metal content. Even a gold bullion bar with no numismatic or collectible value still will be worth something because of its gold content.

Furthermore, precious metals tend to increase in value when inflation runs rampant. This is because people scramble to buy inherently valuable metals when fiat currency is worth less. So, Perth metals can serve as a great hedge against inflation when you use them to diversify.

The Perth Mint Gold Bar: A Classic Investment

Perth Mint gold bars are world-renowned bullion investments. They range from a single gram to 100 grams so that investors can make an informed choice about what to buy. However, all of them share the same design to show that they're from one of the best mint manufacturers out there.

The front of the bar has the mint's logo: a swan. The words "The Perth Mint" surround the swan inside of a circle. It's unique and proves authenticity.

Underneath that logo is information about the bar including its purity and weight. This helps both new and experienced investors know what they're buying so they can make smart purchasing decisions.

The back of each bar has silhouettes of kangaroos in a repeating pattern across its entire surface. This is a great homage to some of Australia's most notable and memorable wildlife. You'll know that it's something you can't get anywhere besides the Perth Mint.

All mint-condition Perth Mint gold bars are IRA-eligible.

Bar Options

Those looking to purchase a Perth Mint gold bar will need to choose the specific weight and purity that they want in their portfolio. Those with more gold content will naturally cost more while smaller bars will be less expensive.

New investors who want to save on upfront costs will enjoy the 5-gram and 10-gram bars that the Perth Mint creates. These only cost $360.57 and $693.44 respectively.

You also might like the standard 1-ounce gold bar made from 99.99% pure gold. These only cost $2,096, which is about the same sum that you would pay for a Perth Mint cast bar.

If you're a more experienced investor and have a bit more money to spend, you can get larger and more expensive bars. A 10-ounce gold bar is worth $20,768.93 upfront. This is a huge fee but will yield an extremely high return in a few years.

Gold Coins From the Perth Mint

If you're a collector and want something that isn't exclusively bullion, the Perth Mint offers a wide range of collector's coins that you'll enjoy looking at and holding onto.

Recent offerings like the 2023 1-ounce gold kangaroo coin are beautiful designs minted from pure gold. It's completely IRA-approved if you want to create a precious metal retirement fund, too. If you have a bit more money to invest or are extremely into coin collecting, there also is a 2-ounce proof coin that you can purchase at a higher price, but it isn't IRA-eligible.

The 2024 1-ounce gold dragon coin is part of the Australian Lunar Series. There are other weights for these coins as well including 1/4-ounces and 1/10-ounces. The latter is only $241.53, so it's a great addition to any personal collection book.

Silver Investments From Australian Coin Production

The Perth Mint doesn't just offer gold products. It's also a huge producer of silver.

You can get a 1-ounce silver bar from the Perth Mint for only $27.13. Silver is generally an extremely affordable investment that doesn't require large upfront payments, so this is a normal average price.

You can get 100 ounces of silver for only about $2,991 online. This is a huge quantity of precious metal at a low price that's affordable for many investors. While it won't churn as big a profit as gold will, it still is a worthwhile investment if you're looking to buy bullion in bulk.

Silver coin production is one of Australia's largest markets. There are tons of different collectible coin options that people love for their personal uses and storage. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Silver kangaroo coins that look just like the iconic gold ones
  • Australian wildlife coins that feature multiple iconic animals
  • Silver koala coins that feature an image of a mother and baby koala
  • Kookaburra coins that feature two birds on adjacent branches with flowers between them
  • Silver dragon rectangular coins (that look like bars but hold collector value)
  • Silver dragon round coins
  • Silver Britannia coins

There are tons of options available, so buy something that appeals to you!

World Mints and Manufacturers - The Perth Mint

Make a Smart Precious Metals Investment Today

Now that you know all about the Perth Mint gold bar (and other investments that they have to offer), it's time to begin bolstering your investment portfolio with precious metals. Whether you want to purchase bullion bars of collectible coins, Western Australia contains one of the best world mints that you can buy authentic products from.

The United States Gold Bureau is committed to offering a wide range of high-quality products from Perth. We also are excited to give you advice about building an investment portfolio that makes financial sense. Download our free precious metal investor's guide to get the hottest tips and tricks that can help you strike it rich one day.

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