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US Gold Bureau partners with  Numismatic Icon Miles Standish

U.S. Gold Bureau Partners with Numismatic Icon “Miles” Standish

January 13, 20231621 view(s)

The U.S. Gold Bureau is honored to announce our partnership with U.S. Mint Director Medal of Excellence winner Michael "Miles" Standish. As we affectionately call him, Miles is one of the most respected and trustworthy icons of numismatics ever. 

Coin World voted Miles one of the ten most influential people in the numismatic industry from 1960-2020. He helped found PGCS, PSA, and became the vice president of NGC. Miles has written two best-selling books about the Silver American Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars. He works with U.S. Presidents, Mint Directors, professional athletes, and celebrities. He designed over 50 coins, which have all sold out. Miles is the innovator who spearheaded autographed label coins, creating a whole new precious metals asset class.

 Amazingly, he is the person the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team chose to authenticate Mark McGuire’s record home run ball in 1998. The ball he authenticated sold for more than $3 million at auction. Saying Miles has one of the most impressive resumes ever seen by the coin, collectible, and numismatic industry is a massive understatement compared to the totality of his contributions. 

Miles is a once-in-a-generation expert. Working with the different grading services and being an industry expert, Miles is familiar with all the major companies and how they operate. Multiple companies approached him after he retired from NGC in 2021. However, Miles trusts the U.S. Gold Bureau. “I have worked with every major bullion and rare coin company over the last 40 years. I believe the U.S. Gold Bureau to be one of the best to work with on bullion and rare coin purchases,” said Miles. The U.S. Gold Bureau and Miles have had a working relationship for more than 15 years that helped the U.S. Gold Bureau become the industry leader for investment and numismatic coin education. 


Our new partnership has a tremendous upside for our clients! U.S. Gold Bureau clients have seen massive growth in the Ed Moy signature line series. The price of several Ed Moy signature series investment coins has grown by triple digits since inception. Miles Standish's vision to create the signature series and the business model, expertise, and market position of the U.S. Gold Bureau   made this growth phenomenon reality for U.S. Gold Bureau clients.

Miles is committed to putting people and their goals first. He feels the U.S. Gold Bureau does business the way business should be done. He said, “Honesty. Integrity. Knowledge. The U.S. Gold Bureau is the Top Leader in the bullion and rare coin marketplace. I choose to work with the U.S. Gold Bureau because of those principles.” 

Miles is the expert in all things Silver American Eagle and Morgan  Silver Dollars. He wrote the best-selling book about Silver American Eagles with John Mercanti. Mercanti designed the Silver American Eagle and was the chief engraver at the U.S. Mint. U.S. Gold Bureau clients now have a fresh and exciting opportunity to diversify their coin portfolios with Miles Standish label Silver American Eagles. The Miles Standish labels will excellently complement the popular Ed Moy series enjoyed by serious precious metal investors and collectors everywhere.

Miles has a wise and experienced perspective on precious metals. He says, “bullion is defense, and numismatics are offense." Everything Miles has done in his career has turned into gold. Some say he has the Midas touch, but we say he has the Miles Touch. 

The U.S. Gold Bureau has called Miles Standish a friend for years, but we are thrilled to call him family forever. Welcome to the U.S. Gold Bureau, Miles, and thank you ahead of time for helping us protect and grow our client's wealth with your expert Miles Touch. 

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