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Thinking of Starting An Investment Coin Collection? Coins to Fit Any Budget

August 23, 2012248 view(s)
Establishing a coin collection for investment purposes is a smart idea and one that a lot of people consider doing. For those who are just beginning, coins may seem as if they can be confusing. What we want to do is dispel some of that confusion and talk about some options that can work for nearly any budget. There are many easy ways to find specimens made from precious metals that one can locate quickly and collect at very good prices. This is a smart way to have hard assets that can be liquidated rapidly if ever the need should arise for you to do so. Once you discover these options, everything else gets a great deal simpler. Diversifying is always smart, even if you currently hold gold bars, adding a gold coin or two to the mix may be a good idea. There are also silver or platinum coins that you might wish to consider. All of the precious metals are used to mint coins from various countries and, generally speaking, the purity is quite high. This makes choosing them as an investment a good idea and purchasing them incredibly easy since the governments that mint these coins usually put in a good deal of work to market them to both investors and collectors. The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is a good choice due to its low cost. These are very popular and they generally have fewer markups than you might find with an American Eagle gold coin, another popular choice. It is the resale value of American eagles that make them such a smart coin to have, because demand is nearly always high. Other coins from North America that you might consider are the Lady Liberty Double Eagle coins and the 22 karat Saint Gaudens Double Eagle coins. Both are beautiful choices that contain very high purity precious metal and also have a solid long term market among collectors and investors alike. U.K. Sovereigns, also sometimes called British Sovereigns, are another hotly demanded coin. These have a solid, high value but for U.S. based collectors they can be hard to come by. This is why adding them to one's collection when possible is a good idea. Australian Sovereigns are a different kind of bullion coin similar to their UK cousins. Australia's economy tends to be strong and this helps it be a good investment choice for those who want a coin destined to retain value even when the global economy is not doing well. Another good investment idea is the Australian Gold Nugget bullion coin. Austria, too, produces popular investment coins you can buy. Their 24 karat Philharmonics have a good short term potential for profit and this draws in investors. South Africa's famed Krugerrand is believed to be an exceptional coin, possibly the world's best, depending upon whom you listen to. For the really exotic addition consider Chinese Pandas. These coins are also legal tender, which means you can spend them in China just as you would any other coin produced there. As you can see, collecting coins does not have to be hard. Investors and collectors alike stand to gain if they hold a nice collection and it is easy enough to find good specimens with a minimum amount of looking.
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