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2019 Gold American Eagle Proof or Bullion?

March 05, 20191400 view(s)
When choosing between the bullion and proof versions of the Gold American Eagle it is important to consider the production process for bullion and proof coins addition to pricing and market variation differences. Proof coin production is a highly specialized process, and as a result, is labor intensive and requires a high degree of precision and oversight. Un-struck polished coin blanks are fed by hand into a coin press, where the blank will undergo several rounds of striking. The highly sharp and detailed images seen on Proof coins, particularly those earning the highest quality scores, are a result of these multiple rounds of strikings each coin undergoes. The more in-depth proof production process also results in coins that have the characteristically high-sheen background and overall pristine appearances.

Grading Your Proof Coin

Another way the value of your Investment Grade Proof coin can be solidified is by a quality score, or grade, as issued by an industry authority like the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). While both bullion and Proof coins can receive grades that, in turn, indicate respective quality levels, grading for Proof coins helps bolster the value of Proof coins, whereas, with bullion, the value is derived from market factors and commodities prices. NGC and PCGS rely on what is known as the Sheldon Scale when grading precious metal pieces. The Sheldon Scale, which was established in 1949 by William Herbert Sheldon and updated in the 1970s, denotes coin qualities via a rubric ranging from scores of one, which indicates poor quality, to 70, which indicates “perfect” quality. Only a small percentage of Proof coins ever receive the highest-level PF70 grade. 2019-gold-american-eagle-proof70

Proof Gold American Eagles

Proof coins obtained directly from the U.S. Mint do not come graded, and additional steps must be taken by the coin holder to get such a score. In step with our mission to provide clients with the highest quality products and most streamlined path to precious metals investing, the United States Gold Bureau is proud to eliminate the need for our clients to obtain grades on their own, a process that can be difficult and resource intensive. We offer a Proof coin inventory made up almost exclusively the highest PF70 pieces, pre-graded for you!

Hand Signed By Ed Moy

Our selection of Proof 70 Gold American  Eagles is graded by NGC and exclusively hand signed by Ed Moy who is the 38th Mint Director of the United States Mint. We at the United States Gold Bureau had the honor to have Mr. Moy in our offices while he beautifully explained the design meanings of the Gold American Eagle. This coin is a very special piece to the history of the United States and makes for an excellent investment at the Proof 70 grade.
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