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The Power of Gold: How to Protect Your Assets with Coins

The Power of Gold: How to Protect Your Assets with Gold Coins

October 11, 20231729 view(s)

In addition to being beautiful collectibles, gold coins also serve as a form of protection for your assets. As the global economy remains uncertain, more and more people are turning to gold to protect their assets and secure their financial future. 


One of the most popular ways to invest in gold is through coins. In this article, we will explore the power of gold and how investing in coins can help you protect your assets. Read on to learn how this timeless symbol of wealth can safeguard your financial future. 

Why Gold Coins are a Safe Haven for Asset Protection 

There are no insurance or guarantees when it comes to investing. An intelligent investment strategy includes risk mitigation. Although precious metals assets like gold coins tend to be non-yielding, their role is to be both the treasure in your portfolio and the dragon that safeguards other assets. 

Here are a few reasons why gold coins are a safe haven for asset protection:

Protection Against Inflation

Inflation can be a real threat to an individual's financial well-being, as it can erode the purchasing power of their money over time. When prices rise, the value of a currency decreases, and people end up having to pay more for the same goods and services. Inflation can also hurt investments, such as stocks and bonds, as the interest rates may not keep up with the rising inflation rates, resulting in a loss of real value.


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However, gold has a long history of holding its value during times of inflation. Historically, gold has long been considered a safe haven for investors during times of economic uncertainty and inflation. This is because gold is a finite resource, and its supply cannot easily be increased to meet the demand. As a result, its value tends to rise during times of inflation when other investments are losing value. 


For instance, in the 1970s, when inflation was high, and the value of the U.S. dollar was declining rapidly, the value of gold increased by over 1,000%. During this time, gold coins were an excellent investment choice for protecting their assets. By investing in gold coins, individuals could preserve the value of their wealth, even as inflation was eating away at the value of other investments.


Investing in gold coins was especially advantageous for individuals because they could physically own and store the asset in a secure location. Unlike other investments like stocks and bonds, gold coins are tangible assets that can be held in your hand. This physical asset ownership provided a sense of security for investors, knowing they had something tangible to hold on to.


Gold coins were a great way for investors to diversify their portfolios. Diversification is essential for protecting assets because it spreads risk across different investments. By investing in gold coins, individuals could add a new asset class to their portfolio, which could help protect against the risk of losses in other investments.


By investing in gold coins, individuals could preserve the value of their wealth and diversify their portfolios, providing a sense of security and peace of mind during turbulent times.

Protection Against Economic Uncertainty

During economic uncertainty, such as a recession or a financial crisis, the value of traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds, can plummet. On the other hand, gold has historically held its value during these periods of economic turmoil. 


This is because investors tend to lose confidence in traditional investments such as stocks and bonds when the economy is unstable. As a result, the value of these investments can decrease rapidly as investors sell off their shares in a panic. This can lead to a vicious cycle where more and more investors sell off their shares, causing the value of the investment to plummet further.


Gold, however, has traditionally been viewed as a safe-haven asset. When investors are concerned about the economy's stability, they often turn to gold to protect their wealth. This is due to gold's low correlation with other investments, such as stocks and bonds, meaning that its value is not directly tied to the performance of these investments.


The past 40 years have been characterized by periods of economic turmoil. During the early recession of the '90s, for instance, the U.S. stock market experienced a significant decline. Investors turned to gold coins to protect their wealth and minimize their losses. The value of gold increased significantly during this time as investors sought out safe-haven assets to protect their wealth from the stock market's volatility. Individuals could diversify their portfolios and reduce their overall risk by investing in gold coins. 


As inflation reared its ugly head, gold coins also provided a refuge for other assets against the erosion of their value caused by rising prices and the devaluation of fiat currencies. Overall, the stability and long-term value of gold coins made them an attractive asset for investors looking to protect their wealth during the economic uncertainty of the '90s recession.

Protection Against Currency Devaluation

Currency devaluation can occur when a country's currency loses value relative to other currencies. This can happen for various reasons, such as a large trade deficit or excessive government spending. Seasoned investors are already familiar with that. When the value of currency drops, it can trigger inflation and slowly eat away at the worth of other assets. However, gold has historically held its value during times of currency devaluation. 


In 2008, during the global financial crisis, the value of the U.S. dollar plummeted as the Federal Reserve implemented a series of measures to stabilize the economy. At the same time, the price of gold increased by more than 25%. This meant that investors who had diversified their portfolios with gold coins could protect their wealth against the devaluation of the U.S. dollar. As the value of paper currency decreased, gold coins held steady, making them a reliable store of value.

Investing in Gold Coins: How to Get Started 

There are several ways to buy gold coins. One way investors can maximize their return on investment is by purchasing them from a reputable online dealership. Researching the seller's reputation before buying is crucial to ensure that the gold coins are authentic and of high quality.


When searching for a reputable online gold dealership, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, look for dealerships with a strong reputation in the industry. Next, check customer reviews and ratings on reputable websites to ensure the dealership has a positive track record. Additionally, choose a dealer that organizations like PCGS or NGC accredit, as they have strict standards for grading and authenticating coins. Finally, selecting a dealer with a wide selection of gold coins is essential, so you can choose the coins that best fit your investment goals. 


Finally, make sure to choose a dealer that is transparent about their pricing, shipping, and return policies and takes security seriously. By considering these factors, investors can find a reputable online gold dealership and invest in gold coins with confidence.

Storing Your Gold Coins

Storing your gold coins safely is crucial in protecting your investment. Depending on your preferences and budget, several options are available for secure storage. One option is to store your gold coins at home safely or securely. Investing in a high-quality safe designed explicitly for storing precious metals is essential, as ordinary safes may not provide adequate protection against theft or damage.


Another option is to use third-party insured depositories, such as the Texas Bullion Depository, which offers secure storage for precious metals. These facilities have advanced security measures, including 24/7 surveillance, armed guards, and sophisticated alarm systems. When you acquire precious metal coins and bars through the U.S. Gold Bureau, we facilitate secure delivery to your Texas Bullion Depository account. Rest assured, all depository account contents are insured against loss through Lloyd's of London insurance. Depositories like these are generally considered to be a safe and reliable option for storing your gold coins.


It is important to note that safety deposit boxes at banks are not always the best option for storing gold coins. Although they may seem secure, the FDIC does not insure them, and there have been cases of banks seizing the contents of safety deposit boxes in the past. Unsecured storage facilities, such as storage lockers or drawers, should also be avoided as they offer little protection against theft or damage.

Selling Your Gold Coins

When it comes time to sell your gold coins, several factors must be considered. First, it is important to consider the current market conditions and the price of gold. The cost of gold can fluctuate rapidly, so it is essential to keep an eye on the market and make your sale when the price is favorable. Choosing a reputable dealer when selling your coins will help make sure that you receive fair market value.


Before selling, it is also important to clearly understand the grading and condition of your coins. Grading is an important factor in determining the value of your assets. Having your coins graded by a reputable grading service like PCGS or NGC can help ensure you get the best possible price.


Another important factor to consider is taxation. In the United States, gold coins are considered collectibles and are subject to capital gains taxes when sold at a profit. It is important to understand the tax laws in your jurisdiction and consult with a tax professional to ensure that you comply with all applicable regulations.


Finally, it is important to clearly understand the process of selling your coins. Some dealers may offer to buy your coins on the spot, while others may require a more involved appraisal and negotiation process. By understanding the process in advance, you can choose the right dealer and ensure a smooth and profitable sale.


Top Gold Coins for Asset Protection 

Investing in gold coins is a time-tested strategy that investors have used for centuries. Gold coins offer several advantages over other forms of gold investments, including portability, divisibility, and aesthetic appeal. With a wide variety of gold coins available on the market, investors can choose the coins that best fit their investment goals and preferences while enjoying the benefits of a tangible, valuable asset that has stood the test of time. Here are the top gold coins for asset protection, each with unique investing points:

American Gold Eagles

The American Gold Eagle is a highly desirable coin for investors due to its recognized tradability and U.S. government-backed purity and weight guarantee. In addition, it has a low premium over the spot price of gold, making it affordable. The coin is also IRA-eligible, making it an excellent choice for retirement planning. 


By investing in gold through an IRA, investors can enjoy the account's potential tax benefits while diversifying their retirement portfolio with a valuable asset that has historically held its value over time. 


Finally, its classic design, featuring Lady Liberty and a family of eagles, has remained unchanged since its introduction in 1986, making it a popular choice among collectors and investors alike.

2023 Gold Rabbit from the Perth Lunar Series

The 2023 Gold Rabbit from the Perth Mint Lunar Series is an excellent option for collectors and investors alike. The coin's design features a rabbit, an important symbol in Chinese culture that represents good fortune and happiness. As part of the Lunar Series, which showcases the Chinese Zodiac animals, this coin has a unique design that changes every year. This feature makes it highly collectible, and its limited mintage adds to its rarity and value. 


With a gold purity of 99.99%, this coin is also a valuable investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio with a tangible asset that has historically held its value over time. The 2023 Gold Rabbit's unique design and limited mintage make it a valuable and collectible asset that is sure to appreciate over time.

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Gold Britannia

The Gold Britannia is a popular gold coin in the U.K. minted by the Royal Mint. This coin contains 24-karat gold and has a face value of £100. The coin features a unique design each year, including the image of Britannia, the female personification of Britain. The 2023 edition features a profile of King Charles III on the obverse to commemorate his recent inauguration. The coin is highly liquid and eligible for IRA investment, making it a great option for investors looking for a unique and valuable asset.


Investors should consider several factors when choosing which gold coins to invest in — purity, recognition, availability, liquidity, commemorative attributes, and IRA eligibility. Investors can better protect their wealth by diversifying their portfolio with these top gold coins for asset protection.


South African Gold Krugerrand

The South African Gold Krugerrand is the world's first modern gold bullion coin, minted in 1967. This coin contains 22-karat gold and has a distinctive reddish tint due to the addition of a copper alloy to strengthen the coin's integral structure. The Krugerrand is widely recognized and easily tradable, making it an excellent option for investors. It has a low premium over the spot price, making it a cost-effective investment. It is also eligible for an IRA investment.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf stands out not only for its high purity but also for its impressive security and anti-counterfeiting features. It contains 24-karat gold, making it one of the purest gold coins available to consumers. The Royal Canadian Mint employs advanced security features, including a micro-engraved maple leaf and radial lines on both sides of the coin, which make it difficult to counterfeit. 


The intricate design of the coin, featuring a detailed maple leaf on the reverse side, adds to its appeal among collectors. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is also highly liquid and easily tradable, making it an excellent option for investors seeking a secure and reliable investment in gold. You can maximize your return on investment by holding this coin in a tax-advantaged Gold IRA.

How to Protect Your Assets with Gold Coins


The U.S. Gold Bureau: Your Authorized Bulk Purchaser and Licensed Dealer for High-Grade Gold Coins

Investing in gold coins is a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect your assets. Look no further than the U.S. Gold Bureau for a reliable and trustworthy source for your gold coin investments. 


As an authorized bulk purchaser of coins and bullion from the U.S. Mint and an authorized and licensed dealer of investment-grade coins, we are committed to ensuring the origin, authenticity, purity, and quality of every product we offer. So whether you're a first-time investor or a seasoned collector, trust The U.S. Gold Bureau to provide you with the best selection of gold coins tailored to your individual investment needs. 


Call us at (800) 775-3504 for a best-price quote, or contact us through our live chat to learn more about how you can grow your dream portfolio through asset protection with gold coins today.



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