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Metals Minute 158: Gold - Best Performing Incredible Bargain

Metals Minute 158: Gold - Best Performing Incredible Bargain

October 28, 2022309 view(s)

The metals were higher this morning but began to move lower while finalizing the edits for this update. This highlights this session's theme, however- that gold is an incredible bargain right now. Besides besting the major stock and bond indexes this year, gold is also at a historically low price point compared to the M2 money supply ratio - the best bargain in 22 years.

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We also have burgeoning interest payments on the national debt; 3rd quarter interest payment numbers are out, with $756 billion in interest so far this year. We are approaching $1 trillion in annual interest payments on the national debt, which may serve as a drag on the FED's ability to continue to raise interest rates much longer. Keep in mind this is on a federal budget of $5-6 trillion. While hard to fathom, think about 1/6 of a household budget being dedicated towards interest payments - perhaps not a huge stretch, but challenging when the government begins squeezing those same households to cough up more taxes to pay government interest on the debt.

We may see a softening soon in FED language, which has helped stocks short term and will help precious metals long term.

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