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Metals Minute 156: Certain Premiums, Uncertain World

Metals Minute 156: Certain Premiums, Uncertain World

October 24, 2022259 view(s)

Lots happened over the weekend, with Russian military officials contacting representatives of 5 nations (including the US and UK) about suspected upcoming nuclear detonations in Ukraine. North Korea has migrated from firing missiles toward Japan to sailing naval vessels into South Korean territory. South Korea fired warning shots to veer them away.

The Hang Seng (Hong Kong stock market index) has lost 12-13 years' worth of gains, dropping to levels last seen in 2009. This is against a backdrop of authoritarian moves in China’s cabinet, bringing into question the status of investment capital deployed in the region.

Uncertainty in the world has led to the certainty of higher premiums to purchase physical metal. For example, premiums for American Silver Eagle coins are nearly 100% currently. Other sovereign coins are running 30-40% higher, which is $6-8 at current silver prices (in the video, I said 6%, meant $6).

American interest in physical silver is growing, with Americans purchasing over 45% of physical silver purchased as an investment in 2021 worldwide. Even so, this amounts to only a fraction of the savings held by Americans, with room for silver and gold holdings to grow further in the days ahead.

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