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Metals Minute 152: War, Inflation, and Gold

Gold's Triumph Amid War and Inflation

October 14, 2022314 view(s)

We have reports coming out in the semi-conductor industry that many of the Americans involved with manufacturing in China have abruptly left, as a result of a new government policy (ours not theirs). This makes Taiwan a crucial choke point for technology unless or until we create our own manufacturing here again. Hopefully, this will not push us closer to conflict with China while in another conflict with Russia.

The inflation numbers are out, with a more detailed accounting here. The COLA came squarely in the range we expected, the highest level since 1981. Fuel prices remain the wildcard, as they are beginning to rise nationwide at the same time our petroleum reserves are the lowest in approximately 40 years. Winter utility bills are expected to be higher for many Americans, as heating oil, natural gas, diesel fuel, and wood pellets are being exported in higher numbers to Europe from the USA. This makes these items more expensive for Americans to purchase here at home.

It continues to be a good time to purchase gold and silver, as prices are artificially low due to the current dollar strength.

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