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Metals Minute 123: Stocks vs. Metals During Stagflation

Stunning Battle: Stocks vs. Metals in Stagflation!

August 08, 2022334 view(s)

All four metals are higher this morning than Wednesday’s update. Take advantage of the down days to add when you can. We seem to be in a bullish season for the metals and can expect two steps forward and 1 step back some days.
Stocks are in the reverse setup, where rallies we see are more likely than not to be bear market rallies that may eventually end lower in this cycle. So be careful out there. As illustrated in the video, a 30% loss takes more than a 42% gain to break even. And it often takes longer to gain 42% in stocks than it does to lose 30%.


Congress just passed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which ironically adds $750 billion in new spending to an economy dealing with high inflation. Later we will dive deeper into what it all means for precious metals and those who own them. 
We have a vital inflation metric to be released Wednesday, indicating if June was the peak or is still rising. Even a low positive number means inflation is still rising.


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