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History of American Platinum Coins

August 06, 2010588 view(s)

Compared to silver and gold coins, platinum coins are a newcomer to the American coin scene. However, that doesn’t make American Platinum coins uninteresting.

In 1996, the United States Congress authorized the first investment-grade platinum coin in American history. They were first issued in 1997 and were rated at .9995 purity. Called the American Eagle Platinum coins, the American Eagles are legal tender and, as such, display a face value. Although the face value is symbolic, the one ounce coins bear a face value of $100, which is the largest face value to ever be on an American coin.

The American Platinum Eagle has a design that is unique among American coins, as well. The obverse of every coin features the face of the Statue of Liberty, the year of mintage, and “In God We Trust.” However, the unique feature truly comes in with the design on the reverse.

American Platinum Eagle proof coins are the only bullion coins issued by the United States has a new design every year. This means that even though the coin has only been minted since 1997, it already has a wide array of interesting and beautiful designs. The yearly American Platinum Eagle designs are as follows:

  • 1997: An eagle flying with the sun in the background at the horizon.
  • 1998: A Bald Eagle soaring over a scene of New England with a full moon in the sky.
  • 1999: A Bald Eagle above the wetlands of the Southeast and an alligator coming out of the swamp.
  • 2000: A Bald Eagle flying over a field, house and barn in the Midwest.
  • 2001: A Bald Eagle flying above cacti of the Southwest.
  • 2002: A Bald Eagle flying down to catch a fish from a mountainside lake in the Northwestern United States.
  • 2003: A Bald Eagle atop a pine branch in the Rocky Mountains with an American Flag in the background.
  • 2004: The sculpture “America” which is housed outside the U.S. Customs House in New York City.
  • 2005: A Bald Eagle beneath thirteen stars representing the original thirteen states, holding an American shield and perched atop a cornucopia.
  • 2006: The first among the “Foundations of Democracy” series intended to highlight the three branches of the federal government. Displays a “Legislative Muse” with an eagle on each side, which each represent a house of Congress.
  • 2007: A Bald Eagle, which represents the Executive Branch of the federal government.
  • 2008: Lady Justice in front of a Bald Eagle, representing the Judicial Branch of the federal government.

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