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Gold Prices Continue to React to Economic Struggle

Gold Prices Continue to React to Economic Struggle

May 28, 2024880 view(s)

On Friday, before Memorial Day weekend, the Initial Jobless Claim was slightly lower than expected, and the Consumer Sentiment report was better than expected. These data points factored into the gold spot price dipping below $2,350 an ounce.  
Today, the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index report, a comprehensive gauge of consumer sentiment, rebounded for May after a three-month decline. However, the Consumer Expectations Index score of 74.6, a forward-looking indicator, still fell short of the 80 threshold, typically signaling an impending recession. On a six-month moving average basis, purchasing plans for homes remained stagnant in May, reaching their lowest level since August 2012.  
Gold prices have maintained a bullish trajectory in our current inflationary environment, a trend not limited to the United States. Global markets are grappling with higher prices and depreciating fiat currencies. A significant driver of the sustained demand for gold is the consistent net buying by Central banks worldwide. Since 2010, they have accumulated over 7,800 metric tons of gold, with more than a quarter of that purchased in the last two years.  

The potential market-moving events for the week of May 27th, 2024, include the reports around the Personal Consumption Expenditure Price Index (PCE) and Core PCE (excluding food and energy). The Federal Reserve governing body (FOMC) considers the Core PCE a good measure of underlying inflation. Reports regarding persistent high inflation make the possibility of interest rate cuts in 2024 less likely. Central banks have been consistent net buyers of gold on an annual basis since 2010 - accumulating over 7,800 metric tons over that time, with more than a quarter of that purchased in the last two years, according to the World Gold Council. 

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