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Gold makes its way into the world of culinary arts

March 05, 2012383 view(s)

While most people won't want to reach into their jewelry boxes and gnaw on some gold rings or necklaces, many consumers are discovering the joys of cooking, eating and brewing coffee with the precious metal. Whether to take advantage of its alleged holistic benefits or add some flare to a prepared dish, gold has recently made its way into the culinary arts, as it is being used to filter coffee and complement luxury desserts.

A number of coffee enthusiasts have made the switch from disposable paper coffee filters to longer-lasting gold filters produced by brands such as Bruan, Black & Decker and Swiss Gold, WiseGeek reports. The taste comparison between a traditional paper filter and a gold alternative varies between palates, but it can certainly be said that using gold filters is far more sustainable than tossing out a paper by-product after each use.

The precious metal, whether obtained as a gold bullion coin, gold bar or as individual flakes, has also been integrated into fine dining. The 2012 Golden Globes, for example, showcased the alluring effects gold can have on consumers, as the guests enjoyed a chocolate dish that included almond crunch terrine, acacia honey, caramel, fresh berries and edible gold flakes.

This dessert and others being served around the world continue to garner public attention, as the cost of eating and preparing such an exquisite dish seem outlandish or uncouth to some due to the poverty and debt plaguing many countries today.

Investors who want to enjoy the many benefits of the precious metal may not want to buy gold for their amateur cooking experiments. Instead, collecting rare coins and developing a diverse portfolio may be a more worthwhile way to spend money on one of society's majorly appreciating commodities.

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