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Gold Assets You Can Sleep On

October 26, 2012233 view(s)
(October 26, 2012) - When most of us think about hiding gold in the mattress, we probably recall images of people sleeping on mattresses loaded with gold assets like coins, bullion or even bars. Yet a new product innovation disregards the current price of gold and is bringing consumers everywhere a chance to not just invest in the yellow metal, but to literally get a good night's sleep on it. Most of us are familiar with products containing precious metals and possibly even fabrics with gold or silver thread woven in, but this new way to sleep is something really unique for lovers of gold. According to a recent article by Pet Jeffries of The Oregonian, a mattress maker from Italy, Magniflex, is now making luxury mattresses that can include the buyer's choice of silver, gold or even platinum woven right into the designer mattresses. It's something sure to get the attention of those who would like to sleep in the lap of luxury and it's definitely bound to be a conversation piece for those who can shell out the cash to own one. Most investors don't think of golden pillows when they think of gold assets, but Magniflex is also offering a $1,000 pillow that includes 22 karat gold woven right into the material. With the price of gold set to take off in the coming months, according to many analysts in the media today, it will be interesting to see if prices for the mattresses and pillows from Magniflex reflect the market value of the precious materials they contain. Those who want to purchase this type of bed that includes precious metals won't be able to walk into just any mattress store however, as the mattresses and pillows can only be special ordered from a showroom located in Miami, Florida. Those with the means will most likely have no trouble traveling straight there to order one. Some of these mattresses, like the Argento, a silver threaded queen size bed, cost as much as $4000. What makes these mattresses so interesting, is that they are more than just a publicity stunt for the company - they provide some interesting value. Jeffries tells us, "They all have an adjustable five-zone memory foam construction and are said to be thermo-regulating, anti-bacterial and odor-proof." These features are desirable in any mattress, not just those including ornamental precious metal as part of their appeal. Those who think they might like to pick up a mattress with 22 karat gold thread will pay around $24,000 for a queen sized bed. A platinum threaded queen size bed will set one back by a full $75,000 or $77,000 for those who would also like a platinum pillow. Clearly metals such as gold, silver and platinum, still contain the allure they always have for individuals with a taste for luxury, no matter what the economy might be like. Investors should take note of this as it says good things about the small yet stable demand for precious metals of all kinds in luxury markets around the world.
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