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Election Armageddon

October 18, 2016231 view(s)

According to the Washington Post, the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton “has gone from unusual to unexpected to surprising to odd to strange to weird to bizarre.” The Post also predicts the time leading up to the election will be “indescribable.” These are truly unprecedented and unpredictable times in the United States.

To help Americans survive the increasingly bizarre 2016 presidential election, and the chaos it may bring, the U.S. Gold Bureau has partnered with Wise Food Storage Company, an official sponsor of Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel, to offer a selection of emergency survival products.


The new line of survival products, dubbed “Election Armageddon Packages” (EAP) includes a mix of emergency gear and food stocks provided by Wise Food combined with a supply of copper, silver and/or gold coins provided by the U.S. Gold Bureau.

Depending on the package, contents include long-term food supplies (breakfasts entrees, snacks, etc.), stoves, utensils, water filtration systems, waterproof fire-starting kits, first-aid supplies, shovels, Mylar sleeping bags, nylon rope, dust masks, hygiene kits, foul-weather gear, utility knives and work gloves. And to enable survivors to re-supply or acquire goods they aren’t able to carry, the packages include a stock of copper, silver or gold coins.

Hillary Clinton began as the heavy favorite to become the Democratic nominee but barely beat a socialist, with a limited resume of accomplishments in Washington. Donald Trump won rather easily despite a lack of any experience in government and many feel that he has publicly mocked Mexicans, and women among others. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, has provided his own share of sideshow antics.

Meme depicting the sentiment of some people expecting the worst.

Meme found on the Internet depicting the sentiment of some people expecting the worst.

“We are inherently positive about the future outlook for our country, but this is a truly tumultuous time in American history,” said Joshua Hinsdale, V.P. of Communications at the U.S. Gold Bureau. “Being prepared for anything has never been more important and that is why we are working with Wise Foods to offer our clients the products they need to not only survive uncertain times, but to thrive while others may be suffering.”

“For customers who truly want to prepare for what’s to come, regardless of the outcome of the election, we offer great-tasting food with a shelf life of up to 25 years, along with survival kits that include gear like flashlights, sleeping bags, water filtration kits, rope and more,” said Cory Rich of Wise Company Inc. “But we recognize it’s impossible to stock everything you need for the long-term, so that’s when you have to be prepared to barter or buy additional supplies. And this is why we are partnering with the U.S. Gold Bureau.”

It is generally accepted that if the banking system were to collapse or the federal elections system were deemed unreliable, the U.S. dollar could become severely devalued or even irrelevant, just like what happens when a country enters a period of hyperinflation, or what is currently at risk with negative interest rates and unstable economies around the world. The implications of Brexit are still unknown and impossible to predict. When currencies like the U.S. dollar are devalued, gold and silver could become the de facto currency of the land. That’s why survivalists are stocking up on precious metals, just like they’re stockpiling food, water, survival gear and ammunition.


It should be evident from the 2016 presidential election that anything is truly possible and Americans need to be prepared for extreme uncertainty.

For more information or to order EAP products, call (800) 775-3504.

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