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Gold IRA: Investment

BRICS-Backed Gold IRA: Investment & Retirement Potential

July 07, 2023657 view(s)

All the metals were higher this week, with gold up a fraction to $1,927, silver up 1% to $23.35, platinum up a fraction to $931, and palladium up 1% to $1,305.


From a year ago today, gold is up 9%, topped by silver - up 21%, followed by platinum up 6%, with palladium trailing, down 33% from a year ago.


Continuing with our theme of the Gold IRA, today we discuss why gold, and why now. Ultimately, an IRA is only as good as what is backing it. The case is strong for a Gold IRA, thanks in part to both seasonal concerns, and the BRICS+ cohort of nations.  


Looking back 30 years, summer is often a season in which gold tends to climb, due to jewelers around the world restocking in anticipation of fall and winter holiday seasons.  

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Looking forward, the upcoming BRICS+ conference in August is expected to propel gold forward in the long term. While the climb may not happen overnight, it will certainly rise over time. BASEL III had a similar effect, over time. Since this update in 2021, gold is 50% higher.

BRICS nations are pushing gold back to the forefront of international trade and reserves. A Gold IRA allows you to benefit from this momentum long-term.

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