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Beginner metal detector scores huge cache of gold coins

October 23, 2012408 view(s)
(October 23, 2012) - Plenty of people have big dreams of treasure hunting, maybe finding some gold coins and gaining fame in the process, but a relatively small percent ever go out to purchase the needed equipment. One man in the United Kingdom, however, did exactly that and ended up unearthing more proof that investing in precious metals has been going on for a very long time. The man, whose name has not been released to the public, dug up ancient gold assets from the Roman Empire - over 150 coins of pure 24 karat gold. According to a story by Suzan Clarke of ABC News, the coins date back to the 4th Century and could be what historians are saying is the largest cache of such coins ever located on the British Isles. Currently, the value is estimated to be over $150,000 but that figure could climb once experts have enough time to thoroughly examine each coin. While it is well known that the ancients engaged in investing in precious metals, what makes this find unique is that it may well represent a sacrifice to the gods. During the time the gold coins would have been in circulation, people would bury them on the ground in various places as a way of seeking protection during times of warfare or if they had a long and potentially dangerous trip they were going on. As exciting as locating gold assets can be, the man will not likely be allowed to keep all of the income from them since they are historic relics despite being found on private property. The coins, known as solidus coins, definitely caught the interest of experts and delighted the owner of the shop that sold the man his first metal detector. It was there the man later returned with the coins to ask about their potential value and what he needed to do after finding them. As pleased as he was by the first time metal detecting fan's discovery, the owner of the shop told the press, "I've found bits and pieces but nothing like this. I've got immense satisfaction that the guy came to us and bought the machine from us, but I would be lying if I said I didn't wish it had been me." The man's story alerts us to the fact that depending upon the country one does their treasure hunting in, coming across artifacts of gold or silver can require some paperwork with the local government. Rarely is a person allowed to keep what they find if it is a historic find. For the most part, this is understandable due to the immense cultural value. While he may not end up rich, the finder can take pride in the fact that he helped bring another piece of history onto the world stage. Another exciting point this story reveals is how powerful today's metal detecting technology is. Locating gold is a great deal easier thanks to high end detectors, and it comes as no surprise that this is a hobby a lot of people are going to wind up being interested in. The chance to discover something amazing is certainly very exciting.
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