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American Gold Eagles Bullion and Proof Coins

Gold American Eagles: Bullion and Proof Coins

June 12, 20231009 view(s)

The Gold American Eagle coins stand out as a true representation of American heritage and craftsmanship among the many gold investment options available. In 1986, the Gold American Eagle was introduced to the world and has since become highly sought after by collectors and investors alike. Get to know the fascinating history, design, and investment potential of the Gold American Eagle coin.


The Gold American Eagle coins carry a legacy that can be traced back to the nation's early days. Production of the Gold American Eagle coin began in 1986, when the Gold Bullion Coin Act was passed and ensured that the gold used in Gold American Eagles must be produced in the United States. This act ensures The United States government guarantees the weight and purity of each coin. One year later, the first Gold American Eagles were produced. 

The original Gold American Eagle coin dates back to 1792. It was in regular circulation until 1933, when it was discontinued due to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Gold Reserve Act, which made private gold ownership illegal.

The Gold Bullion Coin Act was signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1985 and forever changed the precious metals market. The Gold American Eagle had been a favorite for mint production since 1981, when Congress petitioned for the return of an American gold coin. Its revival saw the Gold American Eagle coin gain popularity among investors and collectors alike.



The coin's obverse features a modified version of Augustus Saint-Gaudens' $20 coin design. Saint-Gaudens' original design, commissioned by President Roosevelt, is still considered one of the most beautiful coins produced by the United States Mint. The Gold American Eagle coins are minted using 22-karat gold, which contains a small alloy of copper and silver to enhance the durability of the coins. 

From initial release through 1991, issue years for Gold American Eagles were represented by Roman numerals until 1992, when they were shifted to Arabic numerals. Inspired by the iconic $20 Double Eagle gold coin designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in the early 20th century, the Gold American Eagle coins pay homage to this enduring piece of American numismatic history. 

Obverse Coin Design 

The Gold American Eagles obverse design was inspired by Augustus Saint-Gaudens' Lady Liberty design for a $20 coin, originally designed in 1907. The design depicts Lady Liberty striding forward, bearing a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in the other. If you look closely, you can see a depiction of the Capitol Building in the background.

Type 1 Reverse Coin Design

The reverse for the Gold American Eagle was unchanged until - where a new reverse design was manufactured. Now, we see both designs are produced, designated type 1 for the original design and type 2 for the newer design by Jennie Horris. 

Miley Tucker-Frost designed the type 1 Gold American Eagle's reverse design, which portrays a male eagle clutching an olive branch while it soars above a nest, where you can see a female eagle and two hatchlings.

Type 2 Reverse Coin Design

While we normally see designs incorporating a full eagle, the new Gold Eagle design features a close-up and personal perspective of our nation's official bird. The intensity of the bald eagle's stare and the detail in the feathering around the neck is striking.

In 2021, U.S. Mint Artistic Infusion Program member Jennie Norris designed the new reverse image, which takes a different approach from the familiar scene of two eagles in-flight above a nest. This new design is a highly-detailed close-up shot of an American eagle. The fine details give this piece a photo-realistic presence, really bringing America's national bird to life. 

Different Denominations

Gold American Eagle coins are available in various denominations, catering to the preferences of collectors and investors. The most popular options include the 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, and 1/10 oz coins. The weight and purity of the gold content are clearly stated on each coin, making it easy for buyers to evaluate and compare their options. Regardless of the denomination, each Gold American Eagle coin carries the same iconic obverse design, which adds to its iconic status and recognizability.


Bullion American Eagles

The bullion version of the Gold Eagle is the most common and popular form for investors and collectors. The U.S. Mint has produced these every year since 1986 in all weight weights. A bullion coin's value is determined by the amount of precious metal that it contains rather than by other factors such as its face value, its supply, or its demand from investors. Gold American Eagles, for example, are valued based on the gold they contain rather than their symbolic $50 face value. 

The value of bullion coins is closely linked and fluctuates with the "spot prices" of precious metals, which are traded on commodities markets. In spite of the fact that many bullion coins, including Gold American Eagles, bear face values, their value is determined by the gold, silver, or other precious metals they contain. Also, bullion coins are only sold initially through reputable dealers like the United States Gold Bureau and not through the U.S. Mint directly.

Proof American Eagles

Proof coins are produced with a specific process to ensure their frosted look and a mirror-like background. The coins are struck multiple times to produce sharp and detailed images. Proof coins that are graded and receive a high score will see their value increased. The highest score available is 70, leading to the lucky few "perfect" coins that receive this grading being called Proof 70 coins. 

Proof coins, unlike bullion, derive their value from availability, investor demand, and quality. Unlike bullion coins, proof coins are not traded on an index, and as a result, their values don't fluctuate like bullion coins. Due to this, proof coins are considered to be much less volatile than many other investments, which contributes to their high regard and prestigious reputation.

Burnished American Eagles 

It wasn't until relatively recently, in 2006, that the U.S. Mint began to offer Burnished Gold American Eagles. This makes them rarer than other versions of the coin, and rarity is one of the biggest drivers of value for coins. Burnished coins are made using a unique manufacturing process. To give the coins a matte-like finish, burnished blanks are fed into special coin presses specifically designed to give the coins their distinct look. In addition, the "W" mint mark on these coins shows they were produced at the West Point Mint, further distinguishing them from bullion coins. Producing burnished coins is an expensive and laborious process, so their mintages are lower, adding to their rarity and value.

As part of our continued relationship with the United States Mint, the U.S. Gold Bureau is proud to offer the 2022 Burnished Gold American Eagles. These are perfect MS70-graded coins signed by Ed Moy, the 38th Director of the U.S. Mint. 

Why Buy American Gold Eagles? 

Apart from its rarity and broad utility, gold is also known for its ability to help diversify financial portfolios by providing assets that aren't reliant on stocks and bonds. Gold is a tangible asset, internationally recognized as a store of value, and is especially easy to liquidate. The Gold American Eagles recognized and trusted design, along with their status as official U.S. bullion coins, adds to their appeal and makes them easy to buy, sell, and trade.

The Gold American Eagle is the most widely traded bullion coin in America and is backed by the United States government. In addition to the Gold American Eagle's unparalleled liquidity, it also has a great deal of historical significance, making it a great gold investment. Gold American Eagles offer a more affordable way to add gold to your investment portfolio because of its lower denomination and smaller size. Gold American Eagles are also unique for investors because they can be included in a self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA). 

Furthermore, the value of Gold American Eagle coins can appreciate over time, driven by factors such as the demand for gold, global economic conditions, and geopolitical uncertainties. Owning these coins allows individuals to diversify their investment portfolios and safeguard against inflation or currency fluctuations.


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How to Purchase Gold American Eagles 

As a blend of art, history, and investment, Gold American Eagle coins have captured the imagination of collectors and investors worldwide. With their enduring design, impeccable craftsmanship, and intrinsic value, these coins offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of American numismatic history while simultaneously benefiting from the wealth preservation potential of gold. 

The U.S. Gold Bureau offers a variety of ways to invest in Gold American Eagles. Outside of the bullion and proof 70 options, we have 4-coin proof 70 sets. Some of these sets include specific years for those looking to complete their date runs. Denomination date runs include a Gold American Eagle of the same denomination from each year of its production. Group-based date runs include coins from each year of a specific era of production. There are five different groups that make up the Gold American Eagle productions; Classic Group from 1986 to 1991, the Modern Group from 1992 to 2000, the Millennium Group from 2001 to 2008, the Resurgent Group from 2010 to 2021, and the Emerging Group from 2021 to present. Learn more about these groups here. 

U.S. Gold Bureau  

Gold coins can be a wise investment for those looking to invest in American gold and preserve their wealth. Investing in Gold American Eagles is a savvy way to diversify your portfolio while protecting your purchasing power against inflation. Whether you're looking for a wise investment or to collect a piece of American history, the Gold American Eagles are timeless classics. 

Call (844) 874-8702 or visit our website to start investing in Gold American Eagles and make these breathtaking coins one of your own. 

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