Gold coins from the 1930s increase the value of your collection


Gold coins from the 1930s increase the value of your collection

February 9, 2012 185 view(s)

Millions of Americans have taken to the hobby of collecting rare coins. Typically, they start by purchasing new American Eagle gold coins, platinum coins or silver coins. While investing in these options may be a worthwhile decision, savvy investors may want to seek more in demand and limited edition items.

If an investor is financially able, it is sometimes recommended they diversify any portfolio to include pre-1933 gold. Few people know that in 1933 it became illegal for a person to own gold unless it was in the form of pre-1933 gold coins. People who had obtained those rare coins before gold became an illegal commodity witnessed huge profits in 1975 when ownership privileges were restored. U.S. rare coins, especially pre-1933 gold coins, increased in value immensely between 1976 and 1980, as more people wanted to get their hands on the valuable coins.

Today, consumers can buy gold coins from 1933 in a few select forms such as Liberty Head and Indian Princess coins. These collector items are limited in supply, so investors constantly purchase these coins in bulk. When looking to add unique items to an investment portfolio, a person may want to purchase an entire coin set instead of buying a few items from various time periods. Showcasing a complete set is an easy way for collectors to market their portfolios to future buyers.

Purchasing gold as an investment is a wise decision to make today. The U.S. dollar fluctuates on a daily basis and the unstable global economy has forced many Americans to scramble for extra cash. Gold rarely depreciates, and pre-1933 rare coins almost always increase in value annually. People who invest in gold may want to hold onto their purchases long term. It is possible that the coins they purchase today will be worth a significant amount in the future.