Gold coffee filters help reduce consumer waste

Gold coffee filters help reduce consumer waste

March 6, 2012 63 view(s)

Gold is an extremely coveted and alluring commodity in the world today. It is used for a wide array of purposes, some more applicable to daily life than others. While many people collect gold bullion and gold coins, others use the metal for industrial purposes. In fact, the average American can take part in the growing gold culture simply by drinking his or her favorite cup of coffee.

Until recently, people may have never believed that gold could aid sustainability in today's society. For the most part, this was because of the precious metal's continued use in electronics, automobiles and various other energy-inefficient products. However, more recently, brands like Braun and Black & Decker have begun to offer gold coffee filters for those who want to cut down on their wasteful use of paper filters and improve the taste of their favorite caffeinated beverages.

For a small fee, coffee drinkers can purchase gold-toned or 23-karat gold filters designed to last for years. The filters eliminate the need to purchase disposable filters, reducing the use of a valuable resource associated with brewing coffee. Using gold-plated coffee filters in combination with other sustainable consumer habits may truly help preserve our planet's sensitive ecosystem.

Consumers may be surprised to discover that gold is found in many aspects of everyday life. Whether using an electronic device, brewing coffee or driving a car, the precious metal is a key component in the operation of these machines. It is easy to think of gold only in terms of rare coins and gold bars, but there are many more reasons why the commodity has stood the test of time and continues to play an active role in the world today.