First Spouse gold coins


First Spouse gold coins

February 2, 2012 73 view(s)

Looking for a way to add to your gold collection and get a little piece of history? You can do both if you buy gold coins created to honor America's former First Spouses. These gold coins are part of a program started by the United States Mint in 2007. Four coins are created every year that feature a different former U.S. president's spouse.

According to the U.S. Mint, the President $1 Coin Act was signed on December 22, 2005, requiring the design, production and release of coins each year to honor past American presidents. The First Spouse coins came shortly thereafter and are minted with gold.

The $1 coins are released at the same rate as the First Spouse gold coins, in the order in which the presidents served. One side of the First Spouse gold coin features an image of the spouse, her name and the years of her term as First Lady. The face of the coin also includes the inscription, "In God We Trust."

The reverse side of the coin is an image meant to reflect the spouse's life work and achievements. This image also includes the inscription, "E Pluribus Unum," the same motto carried on the Seal of the United States, which is a Latin phrase that means "Out of many, one," and recalls America's mixing-pot roots.

The First Spouse coins are each one-half ounce and are made with .9999 fine gold. The coins can be purchased directly from the U.S. Mint and range in price based on whether it is a First Spouse uncirculated gold coin or a First Spouse proof gold coin. The First Spouse proof coins are currently available for purchase for $1,029 and the First Spouse uncirculated gold coins are $1,016.


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