Experts suggest investing in gold

Experts suggest investing in gold

November 28, 2011 144 view(s)

As Europe's economy continues to decline and hopes for a quick economic turnaround dwindle, many investors are looking for something safer than the stock market. Rather than buying stocks, experts suggest turning to gold bullion. According to industry expert and CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC, Bill Hionus, gold is still a viable and safe investment.

"Gold has enjoyed a very good year, following an impressive decade," says Hionas. "Apart from oil, gold bullion is the best-performing asset and is still attracting investment demand. Physical demand has also been strong this year with central banks, especially from emerging economies, stockpiling gold at ever-increasing rates. Central banks bought 142 tonnes of gold last year according to IMF records."

According to The Street, investing in gold is like insurance against inflation. Purchasing gold regularly will maintain an average value against its dollar worth. Most experts suggest spending about 10 percent of your monthly investment allocation on gold each month.

"Don't confuse investing in gold with the things being sold as gold investments," Jon Nadler, senior analyst at explained to The Street. "You want something that tracks the price of gold as close to dollar to dollar as possible."

Gold can be bought as coins, bars or jewelry. Buying as close to the spot price as possible is a good strategy for some investors, but many others seek value in rare collectors coins that appreciate in value over time.