Christmas gifts for the coin collector

Christmas gifts for the coin collector

November 28, 2011 192 view(s)

It isn't easy finding just the right Christmas gift. Instead of buying your loved one a sweater that doesn't fit or a gaudy piece of jewelry that doesn't match her tastes, start your search by considering her hobbies and interests.

If someone on your gift list is an avid coin collector, you're in luck. Numismatists are always looking for ways to add to and improve their collections. Consider the following tips for purchasing your favorite coin enthusiast the perfect gift.

  • Don't be fooled by television advertisements for commemorative coins, as they often aren't legally authorized mint coins. Each year however, the U.S. Mint does release commemorative coins featuring famous American people, places and events. Though they aren't made for circulation, they are legally recognized coins.
  • Besides the yearly commemorative coin, you should leave the coin purchasing to the expert unless you know exactly what her collection needs. Consider buying her a gift certificate to a coin store so she can do the searching herself.
  • An ultraviolet lamp is a useful gift for any collector. A handheld lamp allows collectors to analyze bills and coins for authenticity and previous repairs. Prices vary depending on what you're looking for, and can range from about $20 to over $300.
  • If your loved one is a new collector, she may be looking for the right reading material to enhance her knowledge of her burgeoning hobby. Consider getting a subscription to a collectors' magazine. Coinworld is a favorite among numismatists.

This Christmas, enjoy the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift by remembering your friend or family member's often overlooked coin collection.