Common Date Morgan Silver Dollar VG+/RAW


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20 - 99 $25.33 $26.39
100 - 499 $25.13 $26.18
500 and more $24.93 $25.97
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The Morgan Silver Dollar may never have been a "people's coin," but it is now one of the most famous and desirable collectible coins in the US. An essential part of any silver holding, the Morgan Silver Dollars offered on this website have a 90% silver content and are delivered raw in 'very good' or better condition.

The Morgan Silver Dollar coin weighs in at 26.73 grams (.859 troy ounces) and contains 0.77344 troy ounces of silver. The date and mint marks of your coin are selected at random, and the coin you receive will be dependent on our availability.

Perfect for beginner's collections or as an addition to any strong silver holding, the Morgan Silver Dollar is an affordable entry point to silver and historical coin collections.

First minted in 1879 to replace the then-current American Dollar of 1873, the Morgan Silver Dollar was minted in Philadelphia, with a second mint established in Carson City, Nevada to press coins close to the source of the Comstock lode.

The first Morgan Silver Dollar coin was struck on March 11, 1878, and more than 500 million were produced. During the First World War, 270 million Morgan Dollars were melted to provide wartime silver for Great Britain. Shortly after the war ended, a commemorative Peace Dollar was minted and became so popular that production on the Morgan Dollar was ceased.

Features of the Common Date Morgan Silver Dollar VG+/RAW

  • Certification: raw
  • All coins in VG or better condition
  • Contains 0.77344 troy ounces of silver
  • Weighs 26.73 grams (.859 troy ounces)
  • Legal tender, with a $1 value
  • Minted by the United States Mint
  • 3.1mm thickness
  • 38.1 mm diameter

Dates and mint marks our choice, based on availability. As 1921 was the most common year for Morgan Silver Dollar minting, orders for this product are typically fulfilled with coins from that year. If you would like to purchase a pre-1921 Morgan Dollar, please get in touch with a member of our team.

When you purchase a Common Date Morgan Silver Dollar through our website, you can enjoy our careful and discreet shipping service, which is also fully insured for your added peace of mind.As well as offering a range of Common Date Morgan Silver Dollars, our website is home to physical precious metal products such as investment grade coins, diamonds, bullion coins, gold coins and silver coins. Please feel free to peruse our website to find out more about the products we offer and don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team for more information.


More Information
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Morgan
Purity 90%
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint
Metal Type Silver
Face Value $1
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Year Varies
Metal Weight 0.7734 oz

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