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How to Invest in Gold and Silver

Probably one of the biggest questions we get from our customers is, how do you really go about buying gold?

Exchange Traded Fund

One option that people have is they could invest in what is called an ETF also known as an Exchange Trade Fund. The good thing about that is an actual fund traded on an exchange is designed to invest in platinum, gold, and silver. It's an easy and convenient way for customers to take the position in precious metals. The downside to it is you never really take possession of the precious metals.

Gold Mining Company Investment

Another option is you could invest in a mining company, but in that case, you're really not investing in metals per se you're really more investing in the actual company that's in the business of mining for metals. You have to think about:

Is this a company that's worth investing in?

Is the company managed well?

Do they have any production problems that could possibly be an issue?

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Purchasing Gold at a Pawn Shop

Another option that you can consider is going down to your local pawn shop or your local coin shop. The nice thing about that is it's convenient for you and you have the ability to build a local relationship with somebody. The downside is often times the inventory selection is somewhat limited and prices can be all over the map.

Investing in Precious Metals Through a Reputable Dealer

The last option is you can go with a reputable retail dealer, and that's where the United States Gold Bureau that's really where we come in. We deal directly with the public, we buy at wholesale prices, with an enormous selection of inventory, we are in the business of precious metals, we are constantly buying, selling and trading metals. I think the biggest thing you want to consider when deciding who you want to work with is:

1. is the company reputable?

2. do they have the inventory selection that you want?

3. Are there prices competitive and fair?

4. Do they deliver good service and do the things they say they are going to do?

It's really about getting the maximum value out of the relationship. One of the nice things about working with our company is you get the opportunity to work with an individual account manager that is going to work with you from beginning to end, and really walk you through the process, help you get educated and help you get to a place where you are comfortable with the buying decisions that you are making.

Buy Gold

So, as you can see there are a lot of options to consider. We are happy to help, we want to be of service. When your ready to give us a call at (800) 775-3504, we are here to help you.

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