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First Spouse Proof Coins

The First Spouse gold coins from the U.S. Mint have a face value of $10 and contain 1/2oz of pure 24 karat gold, making the metal value alone worth quite a bit on the bullion market. Since very few of the coins have been certified in perfect PF70 condition by NGC, demand has been rising and they could prove to be the type of “sleeper coins” that expert investors seek out.

“Sleeper coins” hit the market with a relatively low premium, but then surge in value over a 5 to 10 year time frame once the supply dries up. Depending on the supply of coins in the market and investor demand, it might not even take that long.

This rising premium represents the true potential of the coin. Once the supply of these coins disappears from the market, it is expected that the premium will soar – and that’s when the owner really sees the profits jump.

2014 Proof 70 Coins

Coin Mintage Population Rarity
Lou Hoover TBD 169 2nd
Eleanor Roosevelt TBD 169 3rd
Grace Coolidge TBD 194 5th
Florence Harding TBD 214 7th
2014 First Spouse Gold Coins

2013 Proof 70 Coins

 Coin Mintage Population Rarity
Ida McKinley TBD 50 1st
Edith Roosevelt TBD 276 14th
Ellen Wilson TBD 194 4th
Helen Taft TBD 206 6th
Edith Wilson TBD 219 8th
2013 First Spouse Gold Coins

2012 Proof 70 Coins

Coin Mintage Population Rarity
Alice Paul 3,505 307 15th
Frances Cleveland Term 1 3,158 229 9th
Caroline Harrison 3,046 272 12th
Frances Cleveland Term 2 3,104 241 10th
2012 First Spouse Gold Coins

2011 Proof 70 Coins

Coin Mintage Population Rarity
Lucretia Garfield 3,653 264 11th
Lucy Hayes 3,868 273 13th
Julia Grant 3,943 336 16th
Eliza Johnson 3,887 423 17th
2011 First Spouse Gold Coins

2010 Proof 70 Coins

Coin Mintage Population Rarity
Jane Pierce 4,843 513 20th
Abigail Fillmore 6,130 664 26th
Mary Lincoln 6,904 735 27th
Buchanan's Liberty 7,304 927 30th
2010 First Spouse Gold Coins

2009 Proof 70 Coins

Coin Mintage Population Rarity
Julia Tyler 3,878 482 18th
Letitia Tyler 4,341 513 19th
Anna Harrison 5,801 549 21st
Margaret Taylor 4,787 582 23rd
Sarah Polk 3,512 592 24th
2009 First Spouse Gold Coins

2008 Proof 70 Coins

Coin Mintage Popularity Rarity
Louisa Adams 7,454 581 22nd
Elizabeth Monroe 7,933 637 25th
Jackson's Liberty 7,454 741 28th
Van Buren's Liberty 6,187 782 29th
2008 First Spouse Gold Coins

2007 Proof 70 Coins

Coin Mintage Population Rarity
Dolley Madison 17,661 1,205 31st
Jefferson's Liberty 19,815 2,015 32nd
Abigail Adams 17,149 2,867 33rd
Martha Washington 19169 3,358 34th
2007 First Spouse Gold Coins

Source: Figures provided by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). "Population" indicates the maximum possible population of perfect condition Proof 70 coins for the year given. Mintage figures relate to the maximum amount produced, as in, when the coin is pronounced 'sold out' and no further coins are minted. (NGC, February 2015).

First Spouse coins are golden counterparts of the Presidential Dollar series and each spouse coin is released by the Mint on the same schedule as the President Dollars. In cases where the President had no spouse, a coin with a figure emblematic of Liberty appears. There are two cases where a President has had more than one wife during service and two coins are issued.

Certified coins in perfect PF70 condition are considered actual "museum-quality." With their flawless finish, perfect condition and rarity, they are preferred by both collectors and investors. Since they are true collectibles, they are not as subject to the ups and downs of the commodities market, which has made their value more stable over time than gold bullion alone. The U.S. Gold Bureau recommends these coins as a long-term store of value, to help protect your portfolio from turbulent economic times.

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