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South African Mint - Big 5 Series


What is the Big 5 Series?


The South African Mint's Big 5 Series is a captivating collection of coins that celebrates Africa's iconic wildlife. Launched in 2019, the series features five of the continent's most renowned and majestic animals, commonly referred to as the "Big Five." 

These include the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard, and buffalo.

Each coin in the series showcases detailed and beautifully crafted depictions of these magnificent creatures, highlighting their strength, grace, and significance in African wildlife conservation. The Big 5 Series not only serves as a stunning tribute to these iconic animals but also aims to raise awareness about the need for their protection and preservation.

These coins are minted with precision and care, using high-quality materials to ensure both aesthetic appeal and investment value. The series has gained popularity among collectors and investors alike, attracting attention for its unique portrayal of Africa's rich biodiversity.

With each annual release, the South African Mint continues to contribute to the legacy of numismatic excellence while promoting the conservation of the continent's extraordinary wildlife through the Big 5 Series.


Big 5 Series 2


The latest collection, following the issuance sequence of the initial series, also adopts a staggered release approach. The series kicks off with the introduction of the elephant, succeeded by the lion, rhino, leopard, and buffalo, each making its debut every six months.

In the second edition of the Big 5, there is a subtle revision to the obverse design, while the reverse design remains consistent with that of the previous series, featuring the two halves of the animal's face. Unlike the first edition, where the obverse of the elephant coins portrayed both the face and part of the majestic creature's body facing left, the new series showcases the dominant face of the animal without including the rest of its body. Notably, the long, downward-pointing tusks on the obverse in series I have been replaced by shorter, upward-pointing tusks, with the elephant now facing the right-hand side.


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