25 Wyoming Goldback Aurum Gold Foil Note


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The newest in the Goldback Note Series, the Wyoming Goldback is a beautiful note honoring the state of Wyoming. Goldbacks are the first physical, fully interchangeable, gold money of the new millennium. Designed for small transactions – Goldbacks accommodate payments wherever recognized as an authorized medium of exchange or barter. 

One Goldback foil note contains between 1/1000 - 1/20 troy ounce of fine gold. Through the process of vacuum deposition within a proprietary polymer coating, the Goldback itself consists of 24-karat gold.

The obverse of this note you will see a depiction of a young girl, who is sitting on a fence near a chapel. You can see a very typical Western setting, with mountain peaks in the distant background with a chapel at the bottom of the mountain. A dog is seen lying by her feet and a cow calmly rests his head on her shoulder. 

The reverse of the Goldnote shows a mirrored image of the obverse of the note. Due to the thinness of the Goldnote, any image printed on the reverse would be seen through the obverse image and is therefore left blank.

25 Wyoming Goldback Aurum Gold Foil Note Highlights: 

  • 1/40 Troy oz of 24 Karat Gold
  • Obverse Design: A young girl is seen near a chapel
  • Reverse Design: Mirrors the obverse of the note
  • Made in the United States


More Information
Purity .999
Metal Type Gold
Face Value $25
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Year N/A
Metal Weight 0.005 troy oz

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