2024 1oz Silver Asahi Lunar Dragon Round


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20 - 99 $28.60 $29.79
100 - 499 $28.30 $29.48
500 and more $27.90 $29.06
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2024 1oz Silver Asahi Lunar Dragon Round Highlights: 

  • 1 troy oz
  • .999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Asahi Refining Branding and "Lunar Calander Series" 
  • Reverse: A regal depiction of the Wood Dragon elegantly wrapped around a Cypress Tree, conveying the essence of growth and prosperity.

Step into the enchanting realm of the Lunar calendar with the exquisite 2024 Silver 1 oz Asahi Lunar Dragon Round. Meticulously crafted by Asahi Refining, this round pays homage to the revered Chinese zodiac symbol of the Dragon. On its obverse side, the proud Asahi Refining logo takes center stage, reassuring buyers of its IRA acceptability, making it an ideal choice for investment portfolios. On the reverse side, behold the majestic Dragon, symbolizing strength, grace, and prosperity. This year, it celebrates the illustrious Wood Dragon, gracefully intertwined with a Cypress Tree—a symbol of growth and enduring prosperity. Immerse yourself in the Lunar year's aura with this intricately designed round, embodying the promise of growth and lasting financial success.

The Lunar calendar reveals its enigmatic wonders through the mythical Dragon, a revered creature that has captivated hearts for centuries. The Dragon represents power, fortune, and transformative potential. In Chinese tradition, it stands as the harbinger of success and the guardian of aspirations. The 2024 Lunar Dragon Round captures this essence, particularly the Wood Dragon's aura of growth and renewal. The dance of the Dragon with the Cypress Tree symbolizes a life in full bloom, while the enduring silver medium adds a timeless quality to this ephemeral Lunar moment.

In 2024, we celebrate the vitality and dynamism of the Wood Dragon. Wood signifies expansion, mirroring the Dragon's pledge of progress and triumph. The reverse artwork of this round beautifully encapsulates this promise, making it more than just a coin; it becomes a token of life's ever-evolving journey.

Embark on a journey into the mystical realm of the Lunar Dragon and its pledge of prosperity with the exquisite 2024 Silver 1 oz Asahi Lunar Dragon Round. Allow it to embody the essence of growth, resilience, and optimism within your collection.


More Information
Product Type Bar/Round
Coin Series Lunar Dragon
Purity .999
Metal Type Silver
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Year 2024
Metal Weight 1 troy oz

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