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Want to pick up a coin symbolic of the American dream? Then buy an 1887 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar AU today.

30-year-old George T. Morgan set out on the long journey from England to America, with a promise of a job at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Soon after his arrival, he was set to work designing a new dollar. It was the beginning of a journey which was to take him to the top of his profession and see him design one of the most collected coins in the world. Who could have known when he stepped aboard the ship that day that he was embarking on a journey that would take him from Assistant Engraver to Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint?

The first Morgan dollars were struck in 1878 and continued to be minted until 1904, then again 1921. These classic coins contain 90% silver and 10% copper, giving them a robust composition and this particular example is in an 'about' or 'almost' uncirculated condition. Each coin was minted with a total weight of total weight in troy ounces of .859, meaning they contain 0.7734 troy oz of silver. The coins have a diameter of 38.1 mm and a thickness of 3.1 mm, with a reeded edge. In 1887, these coins were struck by the U.S. Mint at their Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco branches, the majority of our orders will be fulfilled with coins produced in Philadelphia.

The obverse of the Morgan Silver Dollar features a profile of local Philadelphia school teacher Anna Willess Williams. Anna is shown as Liberty wearing a 'Phrygian' cap on which symbols of American agriculture and industry can be seen; wheat, cotton, and maple. However, unusually, Liberty is largely depicted as an American woman rather than a classical figure. Morgan had drawn Anna a number of times and praised her for having the most perfect profile he'd seen, hence her inclusion in the design. Look closely, and you'll see Morgan's mark, the letter 'M' at the base of her neck. Her left-facing portrait is surrounded by 13 6-pointed stars representing the original colonies of the United States, plus the words "E. PLURIBUS UNUM" and the issue date of 1887. Anna was a down to earth woman who rejected the publicity showered upon her once the coin was in circulation (such as acting roles and a marriage proposal), writing it all off as "an incident of my youth." Anna instead, devoted her life to teaching and writing, remaining resolutely single and independent her whole life and yet nearly 140 years later, her portrait is still revered and collected.

The reverse of the coin shows a regal-looking eagle with wings spread out wide. Morgan reportedly based the reverse design on drawings he'd completed from nature, apparent in the exquisite detail with which the feathers are rendered. The eagle is shown with a heraldic shield and holds three arrows representing America's ability to defend itself and an olive branch representing peace. The eagle is hovering above a laurel wreath, tied with a ribbon, which surrounds about 2/3 of the design. The words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" can be seen at the top of the design, beneath which the motto "In God, we trust" appears in a mixture of upper and lower case lettering, along with the value of "ONE DOLLAR." Complete your Morgan Dollar collection today with this example in 'about uncirculated' condition.

Overview of the 1887 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar AU:

• Collectible Morgan Silver Dollar
• U.S. Mint
• Issued in 1887
• 90% silver & 10% copper
• 0.7734 troy oz of Silver • Diameter: 38.1 mm
• Thickness: 3.1 mm
• Total weight in grams: 26.73
• Total weight in troy ounces: .859


More Information
Product Type Coin
Coin Series Morgan
Purity 90%
Mint/Refinery U.S. Mint - Philadelphia
Metal Type Silver
Face Value $1
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Pre-64
Year 1887
Metal Weight 0.7734 oz

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