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One of the most cost-effective methods to invest in silver is through cast silver bars. One of the top silver bullion manufacturers in Switzerland is Argor-Heraeus. Cast silver bars are a fantastic place to start since they have straightforward designs and reasonable prices, as with any program. 

One by one, Argor-Heraeus crafts its cast silver bars. The silver is melted down and then put into distinct, pre-made molds. These molds can accommodate the necessary amount of silver to create a particular item and are constructed from heat-resistant materials. The premade molds used to produce these 10 oz Argor-Heraeus Bars guarantee that the final product contains precisely 10 Troy oz of silver. After the silver has been poured into the mold, it is allowed to cool there until each one is prepared for surface markings to be stamped into it.

These 10 oz Argor-Heraeus Cast Silver Bars are all on sale to you in pristine condition. The bars have a smooth exterior and have been incised with writing. To retain a level, smooth surface, an incuse strike embeds the patterns and lettering into the bar's surface.

On the obverse side of the bar, the mint's name, the weight, purity, and unique serial number of the metal are listed. The cast silver bars from Argor-Heraeus have two-letter, five-number serial numbers. The 10 oz Argor-Heraeus Cast Silver Bars have a blank field on the back. The mint intentionally leaves the back of the bar blank. The surface of the bar has striations and texture lines that may be seen. These merely arise from the silver's settling and cooling after the bar has been cast.

Cast silver bars and coined ingots have both been produced by Argor-Heraeus for a very long time. In 2014, the Swiss refiner raised the purity of its silver bullion specimens from the previous norm of.999 to.9999.

10oz Silver Argor Heraeus Cast Bar Highlights: 

  • 10 troy oz of pure .9999 Silver
  • The obverse of the bar shows the mint information and markings
  • The reverse of the bar is blank
  • Series: Argor Heraeus Silver
  • Thickness: 8.52mm
  • Dimensions: 84.8 x 38.4 x 8.52mm


More Information
Product Type Bar
Purity .9999
Mint/Refinery Heraeus
Metal Type Silver
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Metal Weight 10 troy oz

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