100 gram Silver Valcambi CombiBar (100 x 1 gram)


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100 gram Silver Valcambi CombiBar (100 x 1 gram) Description:

Expand your collection with this 100 Gram Silver Valcambi CombiBar, produced by the renowned Valcambi Mint in Switzerland, whose origins date back over 50 years. Featuring one hundred .999 fine silver bars, its unique design would be a welcome addition to any portfolio of precious metals. It's just one of a number of Valcambi Mint products on offer on the US Gold Bureau website.

This .999 silver bar of excellent quality can remain as a 100-gram sheet, or can be broken down into individual 1 gram bars, meaning investors have the ability to sell or trade a smaller bullion of the larger sized bar. The CombiBar concept arrived in 2010, after the global banking and European currency crises. Since then, investors have demanded a higher number of small bars, rather than larger ones, to increase flexibility and simplify future trading in the event of another economic crash.

Each of the 100 one-gram bars comes individually marked with weight, purity, and trademark and in an airtight plastic case for the ultimate protection. An included assay card guarantees the bar's authenticity and features essential investment information such as weight, unique serial code, and purity.

Features of the 100 Gram SILVER Valcambi CombiBar (100 x 1 gram)

• Each bar contains 100 .999 one-gram bars of fine silver
• Minted at Valcambi Mint in Switzerland
• Can be broken down into 100 individual 1 gram bars
• Reverse: Each bar lists its .999 fine purity below the square Valcambi logo
• Comes packaged in protective plastic with assay card for identification and authorization

The origins of Valcambi Mint date as far back as 1961 and the company is now a leading global player in precious metal refining, with many clientele being renowned international banks. Valcambi's top quality craft is one of the reasons that makes it recognized by precious metal dealers around the globe and the high demand in the company's CombiBars is further proof of its excellence.

This Silver CombiBar is eligible for Precious Metals IRAs, which makes it a sensible investment for those wishing to benefit from the tax benefits of an individual retirement account. In order to establish this, additional paperwork may need to be completed, but do not hesitate to contact an Investment Representative to confirm this.

At the U.S. Gold Bureau, we work hard to develop our range of precious metal investment opportunities. Alongside silver CombiBars, we offer gold bars, silver and gold bullion coins, silver and gold investment coins and an extensive range of diamonds. To find out more about the products that we offer, or if you have any queries regarding a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.


More Information
Product Type Bar
Purity .999
Mint/Refinery Valcambi SA
Metal Type Silver
Grade Raw
Coin Type Bullion
Modern or Historical Modern
Metal Weight 100 grams

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