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The U.S. Gold Bureau Buy Back Guarantee

Gold Half EagleThe U.S. Gold Bureau is committed to offering our clients access to the best precious metals products available on the market, including bullion bars and coins, raw proof coins, certified modern coins, and pre-1933 certified rare coins.

We work to help select the top-performing coins that will secure your portfolio and protect your wealth. An important consideration for any investment is liquidity -- how easy it is to cash out your investment when you want to.

Fortunately, there has always been a liquid market for gold, so you will never have to worry about liquidity. To offer our clients even more comfort and security, we offer a Buy Back Guarantee.

With this exclusive guarantee, we agree to buy back any coin or bullion product that we sell, at the current wholesale bid price. Buy Backs will be made at any time and for any reason. No questions asked.

In addition, all purchases are protected by our standard Terms of Sale.

Contact your account representative or any of our traders at (800) 775-3504 and supply an inventory of what you would like to sell back. We will verify the current “bid” price and create a purchase order estimate for your goods. We will then work with you to arrange for shipping. Depending on the quantity, we can even have a return postage-paid and insured shipping container sent to your address.

Once we receive the metals in our office, we will verify the legitimacy of the goods, confirm the price and issue payment. The payment can be made to you directly or credited to your account for future purchase.

This is a personal decision based on your investment goals. Many of our clients invest in precious metals as part of a long-term strategy to protect their wealth and do not intend to sell any time soon. Others may be looking for a quicker return and choose to set a target gain and sell when they reach that goal.

Many clients start with bullion and later choose to cash in their bullion holdings and upgrade their portfolio with something they consider to be more secure over the long-term, such as certified rare coins.

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Bullion metals and certified coins are different value storing financial vehicles. Since bullion metals are a commodity, upon liquidation, the Buy Back price of bullion is generally within a range very close to, if not at, the current spot price of the metal.

Certified coins are classified as collectibles and serve as a longer term store of value. The Buy Back price of certified coins is determined by the current wholesale bid price, which is lower than the retail price at which they can be purchased.

The process is easy and secure. To get things started, contact your account representative or any of our traders at (800) 775-3504 and we will walk you through the entire process.

Learn More: Bullion vs. Certified Coins, Current Recommendations.