Alexander the Great Silver Drachms


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While not produced in the same sheer numbers as the Silver Tetradrachms, Silver Drachms of Alexander the Great were the second most common silver denomination produced in the Macedonian kingdom and successor kingdoms. Dr. Martin Price in his book “The Coinage in the Name of Alexander the Great” estimates that 55 million Silver Drachms were struck in Asia Minor, where most Alexander III Drachm coinage was struck. Research has also shown that most Silver Drachms bearing Alexander III’s designs were actually struck posthumously.

The Silver Drachm carried the same design as the Tetradrachm on most of its issues, displaying the same symbols honoring the gods. Not as many cities struck these smaller silver coins as did the Tetradrachms, which resulted in fewer varieties. 

Alexander’s Drachms conformed to the same Attic weight standard as the Silver Tetradrachms. This meant that each Silver Drachm was struck out of approximately 4.3g of silver. Also like the Tetradrachm, size and weight did vary depending on when they were struck and who issued them. The approximate diameter of these ancient coins is between that of a U.S. dime and a nickel.


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