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$3 Indian Princess Gold Coins

$3 Gold Princess Gold Princess Back

$3 Indian Princess (1854-1889)

Three Dollar Gold Pieces were issued every year from 1854 to 1889. This unusual denomination boasts an indirect tie-in with the stamp collecting community -- the price of a first class postage stamp was 3 cents during the years in which this denomination was minted. Thus, the $3.00 Gold Piece was perfect for purchasing a complete sheet of 100 stamps. Only a few dates in this series can be considered common (1854, 1874, 1878) and the majority of the dates in this series have mintages below 10,000 coins. Highlights of the series include the unique 1870-S Three-Dollar Gold Piece, the Proof-only 1875 and 1876, and the elusive 1854-D (the only Three-Dollar Gold Piece struck at the Dahlonega, Georgia Mint.

With 42 mint state combination of dates and mint marks from Philadelphia, Dahlonega, New Orleans and San Francisco, the three dollar princess has a unique historical quality. With only 537,823 total coins minted over the 34 year span of this coin, the $3 princess is not only Historical It is rare with an average mintage of only 12,805 coins. Only 10 of the dates exceed this average mintage. Leaving 32 dates and mint marks well below the average.

Historical Events of the time.


The San Francisco steamer sinks, 300 dead.

Texas is linked by telegraph with the rest of the United States, when a connection between New Orleans and Marshall, Texas is completed.

The United States Republican Party is organized in Ripon, Wisconsin.

Florence Nightingale and a staff of 38 nurses were sent to the Crimean War.


Indian Wars: In Nebraska, 700 soldiers under American General William Harney avenge the Grattan Massacre by attacking a Sioux village, killing 100 men, women, and children.

Kansas Free State forces set up a competing government under their Topeka, Kansas constitution, which outlaws slavery in the United States territory.


Lawrence, Kansas is captured and burned by pro-slavery forces.

Congressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina beats Senator Charles Sumner with a cane in the hall of the United States Senate for a speech Sumner had made attacking Southerners who sympathized with the pro-slavery violence in Kansas ("Bleeding Kansas").


The Brooklyn Bridge begins construction.

John D. Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil.

In the United States, the Weather Bureau (later renamed the National Weather Service) makes its first official meteorological forecast.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is established as a Cabinet-level agency.

President Grover Cleveland signs a bill admitting North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington as U.S. states.

The first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States is completed, running 14 miles between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon, United States.

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